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Easy Photoslides

Easy Photoslides

How many times have you wanted to add those wonderful effects to the most memorable moments of your life? But unfortunately there hasn’t been a clean and reliable way to achieve your desired results on your phone in the past. Now with advancements in technology and engineering, android apps can turn your photo album into a complete journey of your life using wonderful effects. Easy Photoslides is one such solution, an android app that lets you do more than editing, more than just playing slideshows and even more by customizing your pictures to be used as a video on any device.

Well it is a matter of fact that turning you pictures into a wonderful video hasn’t been an easy task on a lot of platforms. Rather than complicating your task by using a computer or online services that require you to rely on a data network for their usage why not use Easy Photoslides to readily turn you picture albums into amazing video memories with little to no efforts and your own creativity over the go.

Starting with choosing your favorite pictures from the gallery or directly snapping a few from your camera and later using them within the editor by marking them with one tap in the slider you can add popular effects with filters to each of the photo or all at once. Further you can customize your pictures with captions and custom text of your choice, size, color and placement over the image. Each picture can be played for a custom duration or played for a default duration defined in the settings. When we talk about effects we also talk about some music that’s played in the background to match the theme of the video or just make it more beautiful, that’s what we tried doing in this app and added a pleasant music to the video from the music files stored on our device. The Undo and Redo options are two of its kind that really make sense in any editing and creativity based applications where you do not know the  actual output unless you test a bunch of styles on your new custom video and this will make no harm because you are free to go back or come back to the point you want. You can also delete a picture with the trash option if you want to start from a scratch or use the reset option that works like a checkpoint to start from it again if you mess up with a few customizations. Once you have completed your editing, you can preview your results by tapping on the convert button to turn your slideshow into a fully functional video and watch it in action using your default video player. From the menu you can choose to re-edit, change the default settings of your slideshow or save your video to gallery. There’s also a brief help section which can help beginners understand the actual app functions and their usage. Though the tools in the app are very basic but these give you total control of your activity and bring out wonderful results.

Easy Photoslides puts Powerpoint kind of style into your android phone where you can customize tiny bits of your video (the slides) and turn them into a fully functional and universally accepted video format(mp4) that can be played over multiple devices like your music player, TV, computer or even on your digital picture frame without any extra efforts to customize it over different platforms.

Easy Photo slides is wonderful utility for any photography lover and lets users achieve impressive results with the comfort of their android device. The app is pretty easy to use and the interface is very simple to understand for first time users too. For less than $2, Easy Photoslides is a powerful and affordable utility you can use to add some extra touch to your memorable memories.

Easy PhotoSlides is also available in Trial/limited version for Free.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire Z running Android 2.3

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