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Whistle App

Whistle App

This app has been renamed by the developer to – Surprise

whistle app android app review

Throwing a surprise party is one the best ways to celebrate your loved one’s special day. Be it is a birthday party that starts with a blast, a Christmas celebration or any other special occasion. Adding a little bit of creative touch to your surprise could make the moment even more memorable and will set the mood of everyone who’s a part of celebration, no matter how stressed or cranky they are.

Whistle App is a wonderful app for such special occasions when you would want it to light up a candle and play the birthday song in a dark room on your girlfriend’s birthday or start a Christmas song. With Whistle App you are just a whistle away. A gentle whistle can trigger any action you have configured the app to do.

The app allows you to configure a picture and audio to be played simultaneously on your android device. This way you can add, say a birthday candle and birthday song melody to the app which will be triggered when you whistle. Once you configure the app and set it in the listen mode it will continuously listen and wait to respond only when it listens a whistle sound.

Whistle App has infinite number of possible uses based on your requirement. For example triggering a fake call, birthday surprise , Christmas or new year celebration, use it to play a prank on your friends by triggering a fake call or use it to trigger the same music file on several android phones at once in party. Whistle App can also be used to find your phone, when you have misplaced it somewhere in your room or car and are unable to find it. Whistle app comes with few templates including birthday, Christmas and unknown call by default though you can also choose files from your gallery or SD card to be used on triggering it.

Whistle app is a pretty simple to use app because all you need to do is just choose your picture, sound and turn the listening mode on. This is wonderful app for any special occasion you can use to play with your creative idea’s and make the celebration even enjoyable with a beautiful start. Whistle app is a complete app in its own way. Though we would hope to see few more templates and support for video playback in future updates to make it more interesting and powerful. With its Free price tag and great functionality there’s no harm in trying Whistle app for android and trying something new and exciting.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire running Android 2.3.3

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