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Bubble Breaker Advanced

Bubble Breaker Advanced

Puzzle games have always been a part and parcel of my day, whether its waiting for an appointment with doctor in a long queue or refreshing my mind from the hectic work load. If you too are found of collecting new and challenging puzzle games, let’s have a look at Bubble Breaker Advanced. The name itself speaks a lot about the game, but if you haven’t played a similar game earlier, you will need to be fast and observant.

The game is pretty straight forward; you start with a new game where you see bubbles of 5 different colors laid randomly on your screen. The objective is to pop similar colored bubbles which are grouped together. You will be able to pop two or more bubbles grouped adjacent to each other either horizontally or vertically but no diagonal moves will be allowed and also none of the solo bubbles can be popped. You don’t race against the clock but you do earn points for each pop.  The more the number of bubbles popped in one tap the higher you score per bubble.  You can see and compare how much you will score with a specific group of bubbles by single tapping on it. But there’s another catch in the game, you also need to break as many bubbles as possible using your strategies before you are left with no choices and ultimately come to the end of the game.

Additionally you can change the look and feel of your play area by customizing your bubbles shapes with square, circle, hearts and so on. The settings section will also give you control over adjusting the background color and score color to match the theme, play environment or mood.

The concept of the game is fun to play for every age group and you will come back for more challenges over and over again to beat your previous highscore and set a new record for yourself.  The controls fulfill the conditions of easy usage and quick operation making it a decent enough game that can be played from short intervals to irritating long queues. The game looks very colorful with bubbles of 5 different colors and you will enjoy the customized look of your choice. Though we were a little disappointed with the absence of social tools like open feint and Facebook share but if you play for the fun of it, Bubble Breaker Advanced will most probably not disappoint the puzzle game lovers .

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Android app review performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3.3

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