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Chaikin Power Tools

Chaikin Power Tools

Being an active trader it is very essential to keep up with updates of each rise and fall in the stock market. But this gets really cumbersome when you are stuck in a traffic jam in the peak hours of your trading time. Do find it really difficult to stay away from your desktop stock monitoring tool? If yes then Chaikin Power Tools would ease a lot of your burden.  Chaikin Power Tools is a stock monitoring solution built specially for smartphones. After its success on the iOS platform, Chaikin has finally made its way to Android.

Apart from being a portable solution which can be easily carried anywhere in your pocket to keep a track of all your investments Chaikin Power Tools also gives you tips to trade from the comfort of your Android device. Chaikin Power Tools turns your Android device into a real time stock update machine.

Fire up the app, add your stock symbols and you are ready use the app without any hassles of registration or sign-ins. Stock symbols are easy to add as they offer suggestions for your keywords based on symbol and name of company. Chaikin Power Tools has been specifically designed keeping the mobile users in mind, hence it does not overload you with useless content occupying your precious  screen estate.  The homescreen is where you can see a list of all your stocks with real time updates of price and change. So unless you want a detailed view of each stock symbol its pretty easy to keep a track of upto 20 stocks of your choice.

Tapping on any stock symbol takes you to its detailed view where you can quickly analyse its performance by having a look at the the gauge which has the reactions displayed in three ways- Red is bearish, yellow is neutral and green is bullish. The gauge also gives information on financial metrics, earnings performance, price/volume activity and expert opinions. The chart section shows up the price vs time graph that just needs a quick glance to estimate the performance once you are an expert. The graph can switched to a 6 month view from the default intra-day view to get the more insights. Furthermore you have the company’s short description, fundamental(including Mkt. Cap., Revenue, P/E and Yeild), performance, earnings report and ratios to understand the company in a better way. While surfing any section or stock within the app you will always be able to see updates on some of the major stock market indices on the bar at the bottom of the screen. You can optionally order research directly from the app using the order research button which takes you to Chaikin Power Tools website for more information.

Overall the app is really straight forward and simple, navigating through the app was simple enough and didn’t take us long before you could understand various elements in the app. If you are one, who doesn’t want to pull out their laptop to get latest updates on stocks, Chaikin Power Tools is a reliable partner that comes for Free on the Android Market.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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