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Galaxy Jumper Lite

Galaxy Jumper Lite

Galaxy Jumper review

Puzzles always sound interesting to me, especially because there’s always a challenge hidden behind their interesting gameplay. Losing a game and not getting through it, is not my cup of tea and that what makes you a puzzle game addict. Well for all the Puzzle gamers out there, Boolba Labs, LLC  the maker of much popular titles- Link it, Toss it and Smiley pops has come up with Galaxy Jumper an android game that yields fun, challenges and quick gaming on the go.

In the game you play as a Hot Plasma which has been trapped into a foreign galaxy while flying through the space. Your aim is find a way out of the galaxy, while you also need to avoid getting lost in other galaxies. The junk in the space acts as a obstacle to stop your Plasma ball and lets you guide it from each such obstacle. Each labyrinth has one way out and you need to figure it out with your strategies and observation. Once you are totally into the game and advance to super difficult levels or relatively bigger galaxies, the path tracing dots will help you keep an eye on all your moves that can be difficult to remember in a larger galaxy. Level completion summary lets you take a quick glance at your performance in terms of score achieved based on number of moves made, time consumed and bonus(if any) achieved; all shown in the summary stats with a New highscore badge if you beat your previous score. Scores make a good sense in the game at the same time offer high replayablity and you can take a quick challenge to defeat your own highscore using the replay level button in the game summary too.

The game is very much like reading an equation the other way round, the right to left approach turns to be very useful in solving puzzles once you learn the right strategy. But well its not that easy too. It’s totally fair to skip a level that’s not on your terms, while you can come back to challenge it again with the level select menu anytime again. there’s also a handy in-game tutorial that can be accessed anytime from the game menu to brush up the various techniques used to bypass hurdles like bombs, one-way doors, color blocks, cornered obstacles, tele-ports and more in the game.

Galaxy Jumper can be fun for puzzle game lover while it can be a little disappointing for people who are more socially engaged and seek open feint integration or other scoreboards. We did miss a little cute character out there but the hot flames were a part of the nice theme of the game. Overall, what you get is an amazing puzzle game, that’s good enough for a short break, a TV commercial to while sitting idle waiting for someone. Though, I would love to play it for hours together to complete its 70 unique levels packed in 3 different game episodes. The game is available without the clumsy in-app advertising in both lite and full version giving you back your precious screen estate.

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This Android game review was performed on Motorola Defy+ running Android 2.3

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