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Mandarin Madness

Mandarin Madness

Chinese is one of the most difficult languages developed by mankind and learning It may not be easy for everyone by going through books and guides. There can be a lot of reasons why one wants to learn Chinese, right from interacting with your business clients, research or studies, or learning it to interact with the people living in your community. Learning a new language comes with its own set of benefits that you may discover overtime. Mandarin is a simplified form of Chinese which can be easier to learn and interact. Well if you have stumbled across a dozen of Chinese learning techniques but ended up scratching your head because you felt it’s not your cup of tea than wait for a moment and have a look at Mandarin Madness. Mandarin Madness is a fun educational game that can teach you Mandarin in a fun interactive way leaving behind the strict learning techniques.Mandarin Madness android educational app

Mandarin is a way different from other languages both in its written and spoken style which does not even share anything in common with most of the other languages. That’s why Mandarin Madness starts with the most basic part of language that adults tend to neglect. Observation and recalling things, just like a year old kid does when he watches an object or creature could be a very powerful approach that can make learning language more engaging and challenging at the same time.

Starting with a melodious traditional music and a colorful theme that will be loved by both kids and adults you start by choosing a category of words. For example let’s say animals or fruits & vegetables or numbers, where you will learn items closely related to the category. Later you choose a stage and level to start with the game. Learning is a two step process where you see written words falling from the top and at the same time being pronounced by a sweet voice in the app. With an easy beginner level where you have a word falling and one option to choose, this is the learning mode which is soon replaced by more choices for the right answer. As you advance to tougher levels where the difficulty increases with multiple choices of answers, in terms of speed of objects falling from the top- thus you have limited time to choose your answer or you lose a life from the hearts displayed over head, the next difficulty is that you are offered only one type of hint, either visual description of word or pronunciation and with higher levels you will come across combination of all these difficulty types.  So there will be levels where you need to guess a word behind a question mark by listening to its pronunciation and choosing the right answer from the maximum of four choices or vice-versa.

Attempting a wrong answer is fine, because that gives you a chance to correct your mistakes and learn but you need to get it right before the word disappears from the screen to conserve your life(heart) and score. The game calculates your score based on each correct answer but sadly there’s no option to compete against your friends high scores or share them directly from the app. The game offers 11 different categories that include animals/creatures,  numbers, apparels, vegetables, stationary, colors, office related, fruits, household, and a few more categories that cover most of the general terms used in daily life. Though Mandarin Madness is not a solution if you want to master Mandarin Chinese but it could be one of the easiest ways to start off with Mandarin and experience the convenience of learning from your Android Phone.

Available in Free to try Lite version as well as fully featured version.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desirerunning Android 2.3.4

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  1. I’m Kym, one of creators of, and now the new

    Thank-you for the review and for noting the creatives! We spend a lot of time making sure they’re perfect so it’s nice to see someone else pick up on it!

    I love it when you noted that it was ok to get an answer wrong. Too many people are afraid of making mistakes when learning a language when they shouldn’t be! Hopefully this app solves some of that hesitation! 🙂

    We also love receiving feedback from our users so if anyone has any ideas or wants to shot the breeze, feel free to email us at Any suggestions received are given serious consideration by our product and development team.

    Cheers everyone and best of luck with your language learning.

  2. Thanks for the review of our app and feedback. We are considering the ideas you have suggested as part of our road map – competing against your friends and sharing your scores to social media. These are great suggestions for our team. For further information please visit We also have English and Spanish available, with more languages to come! Please go here for more information:

    If any of our users have feedback or suggestions, please contact us at hello(at) and our product & development team will give it serious consideration.


    Matthew Ho
    Native Tongue

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