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sports tickets stadium overview android app reviewWatching my favorite sports on a pleasant day with my friends would be the most enjoyable time I would like to spend on a relaxing weekend. Personally, I’m really into NFL and NBA, but I’d watch MLB playoffs and NHL with the right crowd. Nobody likes getting caught up in a long queue before watching their favorite sport, neither do i.  I rather prefer booking tickets in advance online. But this gets even easier for any android or iPhone user out there,  an even faster and convenient way to book tickets is a mobile app from Braveheart Sports Network l. SportsTickets lets you book tickets for your favorite sports including NBA, NHL, NFL, MLS or MLB and lets you do even more.

SportsTickets is more than just a ticket booking platform. You can choose a sport of your interest to browse through all the available events, view events happening at a venue or simply let the app suggest you the hottest tickets being sold in your area by referring to your current location. The option to use your location helps the app in gathering the most relevant sports events that you may be interested in attending near you. These options can be controlled in the settings where you can also choose to limit results by radial distance or enter a custom location like a city or a town. SportsTickets app lets you access the upcoming sports events or current sports events happening in your town by filtering results based on type of sport, theatre and more.

While SportsTickets App lets you buy tickets for games it also lets you browse for upcoming concerts and currently playing shows based on theatre and location.

Another convenient feature in the app is the ability to choose your seats right from your android phone, simultaneously taking a look at the exact seating structure in any stadium or theatre. The seating sections are displayed with the row number, quantity of tickets available and price per ticket. Further, selecting the seats brings you an option to call and book a ticket or make a purchase through credit card from the app by filling in your details. The application uses a data connection and connects to Braveheart Sports Network website to complete your order with a secure connection. You can even share sports matches with your friends using default sharing options on your device including Facebook, twitter, mail, text, Bluetooth and more.

SportsTickets is a wonderful utility and fast way to buy tickets in advance right from the comfort of your android device. SportsTickets app is currently available for Free at Android market, that’s another good reason to own it and only pay for your purchases.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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