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Breedlove Calendar Quotes

Breedlove Calendar Quotes

I have been reading quotes since my childhood and what I like most about quotes is that they bring my thoughts to play. Whether you are feeling down or have a looming personal problem they can set your mood and can also bring some humor. Well we have all seen wonderful quotes apps on the Android Market (now Google Play) with quotes from some of the best thinkers, writers and leaders. But what makes Breedlove Calendar Quotes android app different from others is the use of real life quotes and one’s which can be used in different situations of life casually. You do not need to be a taking the stage or preparing a speech to use quotes rather Breedlove’s app will help you use them in general conversations. “Breedlove calendar quotes” takes you across inspirational and funny quotes from Jason Breedlove- the author of popular fiction story books.

Breedlove Calendar Quotes is a pretty straight forward app. The initial configuration just requires you to setup a widget on your home screen. Thereafter each day you look at the widget, you will be presented with a fresh quote that can be good enough to start your day with a positive outlook on life or make you laugh, to start your day with a more pleasurable feel before you head for your school or office.

The author has tried to keep the app very simple yet efficient in delivering the messages at your fingertips. Each time you read a quote and want some more of it, just tap on the widget and you will be presented with a new quote on each tap. This is basically a widget not app but it also offers some room to make configurations. You can set Breedlove Calendar Quotes to synchronize with your Google calendar by entering the login details within the app. This will let you see the same amazing quotes on your Google calendar too, in case you missed it on your phone or neglected it while rushing to your workplace. The app also offers setup instructions to set it working on your device as a widget as well as sync with Google calendar.

The look and feel of the widget is beautiful and it blends very nicely into most of the themes or wallpapers on your device due to its elegant dark & translucent finish. Sadly the app does not offer a way to share these quotes over social media but as long as you would like to enjoy them privately it does not affect the functionality of the app. Breedlove Calendar Quotes currently uses only one widget size 4×3, which at times can be difficult to accommodate on your existing homesceen’s already stuffed with utilities and shortcuts. But if you use a custom launcher or an advanced version of stock launcher like many others, you would merely notice this due to the variety of widget resize options available already.

You can use the quotes and sayings in your emails, taglines, greetings, on t shirts and can present them in small social gatherings to make a cheerful and humorous climate. Breedlove Calendar Quotes is a wonderful app for quote junkies and anyone who is interested in learning something new every day with some humor and inspiration.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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