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Call Actions

Call actions android communication app review

Whether its talking to your most important business client or gossiping with your best buddies in leisure time. Every call ends up with some questions, some answers or some plans. Though the default contacts and dialer app on android is good enough to make or receive calls and do little more with manufacturer specific customizations but if you cannot imagine how greatly you can extend the features and power of your android phone to manage your telephonic conversations in a much easier and smart way, Call Action from movin’App could be useful communication utility for you. Call Actions brings every detail and action to your finger tips for individual calls on your device.

Here’s how it works:

Say you receive or made a call to one of your friend or a client and have a wonderful conversation. During the conversation you both plan to meet up for a lunch on the upcoming weekend and later hang up the call. But you forgot to tell them something really important and would not like to disturb them by calling again. Additionally you want to set a reminder for your lunch, so that you don’t forget it while you are happily enjoying your weekend with your family. Chances are that you could forget it atleast once in ten conversations. What if you forget to set a reminder? What if you forget to tell them what you intended to but missed it in the last conversation? Here’s where Call Actions takes the charge to help you manage your telephonic conversations in a better way. The Call Actions app pops out a quick action dialog box on competition of the call which not only gives you handy shortcuts to interact with the person you just spoke to but also setup in–call reminders.

The shortcuts offered by Call Actions include sms to the last call contact, mail, redial, view contact(for default contact options), settings a reminder with alerts, sharing the business card and quick Google search of the contact. The Call actions dialog includes basic details like contact picture, number, name and last call time with it and these can all be copied to clipboard with a single tap over them. The shortcuts are a real asset for completing the conversation with ease and in no time. Say your boss has ordered you to send some reports by email right away, the Call Actions app will welcome you to quickly compose an email to the previous caller(ie- boss) without even pressing the home button and leaving what you were doing prior to call.

The reminders can be a real savoir, especially when you have a bad habit of forgetting dates, tasks or anything that is or will be a part of the conversation with a specific person. Reminders are more powerful with Call actions app because they are both contact and date specific. The dialog screen after the call allows you to add reminders with alarm and text of your choice for any contact. You will also be able to notice them on the top of your screen and special vibration alerts each time you call the person or they call you. These options are tunable in the settings menu where you can choose dates on a nice scrollable calendar, toggle alarm with a ringtone and vibration alert, and also make it a sticky notification reminder. You can also manage all your reminders from one location in the settings menu to edit or delete them

Call actions has a wonderful user interface, with big and decent action control button that give a feel of the windows phone 7. You can customize the dialog screen with colors of your choice and choose from two layouts to improve screen estate utilization. The Call actions dialog can be turned on/off by simply toggling the activate button from the app’s dashboard alternatively it be auto closed after a specific duration with settings to avoid the use skip action on each call end.


Call Actions is much more useful app than it can be explained in a theoretical way. Its practical implementation brings whole new possibilities you will love to explore with your telephonic conversations. Being available for free there nothing more you need to know about Call Actions than trying it yourself on an android phone.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire Zrunning Android 2.3

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