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Doodle Darlings Ditties

Doodle Darlings Ditties

If you have a kid, you very well know what it takes to keep them engaged and entertained for more than just a few minutes. Being  a parent you also want your kids all round  development, in a way that they learn new things, play with their creative thinking and explore their potential while they also have fun.  Interactive learning is what a great kids app demands and now that Android market is a lot more than just a handful of apps and games, there are few high quality kids apps available for your kids of various ages. Though there are lot of advantages of interactive learning, but their primary benefits of being more engaging, easy to learn, easy to remember and cost effectiveness make them a lot better than traditional paper books and toys.

Doodle Darlings Ditties has been specially designed for younger kids with attractive shapes, colors and moving characters.  The app has four different characters to start with- Laurie Lion, Honey Suckle Horse, Snap Dragon Dinosaur and Bramble Bunny. Tapping on Each character takes the kids to a short poem and creature bio followed by an interactive activity. For example: tapping on the Laurie Lion takes to his section where you will find a poem about him which can be recited to your kids if they are too small to read. Going even further brings a short bio about the lion and also tells kids what the lion wants them to do in the activity.

The four activities can be summarized as Imaginative drawing, interactive observation, spotting to count and solving puzzles. In the imaginative drawing the Laurie Lion wants kids to draw their imaginations with their fingers and do everything possible from creating faces to scribbling. The interactive observation is for fun and kids will be tapping on the Honey Suckle Horse to see him do multiple actions like jumping, running, and making sounds. The spotting and counting activity with the Snap Dragon Dinosaur lets kid’s spot flowers by tapping on them. Each tap transforms the flower into a number and dictates the number count in ascending order with a sweet voice, making it more like a fun counting experience with sparkling animations and sound effects.  There’s also a puzzle game which allows kids to take the Bramble Bunny to his carrot through a maze. The puzzle is easy and allows kids to choose any way to reach the carrot. Even jumping the walls or breaking the rules of puzzle games is allowed, since it is meant for the fun of kids. But eventually kids will learn how to avoid jumping over walls, which turn red when hit and turn green when the puzzle is solved. Doodle Darlings Ditties includes a wide variety of sound effects like giggles, applauds, cheers and more to keep the kids encouraged and excited in the lively feel of a wonderful kids app.

Doodle Darlings Ditties is a very straight forward and simple kids app that can promise a good time to your kids when you are too busy to attend them and want to keep them engaged in fun filled learning activities. Doodle Darlings Ditties has a nice playbook kind of graphics with high contrast colors and cute animations that can bring a smile on the face of any kid. Doodle Darlings Ditties is well suited for kids of ages 1-9and is available for 99 cents. Alternatively parents can download the lite version to try before gifting a good time to their kids.

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