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For years together some apps never found a better alternative on the android device. Either they were the best in category or they did what they were meant to do and users were happy with them. The barcode scanning apps are one such category which are useful for anyone who loves shopping or managing their shopping list on their mobile device or computer. But the most popular apps on the android market still lack few of the most essential features which could turn to be very useful in practical use.

Barcode scanner app “Scan” from Scan, Inc. is much more than your standard barcode scanner. Its not just an app for shoppers but anybody who needs a one stop solution for barcode scanning.

Here’s what you wouldn’t be doing with Scan:
  • Fiddling with your camera to scan barcodes in the dark
Scan app uses the device’s camera flash to help you scan barcodes in the dark and turns off when scan is complete.
  • Scanning barcodes manually or using the camera shutter.
With scan app you will no more need to scan barcodes by pressing a scan button. An action corresponding to the barcode is takes when scanned.
  • Trying to figure out how to use the data in the QR.
The app automatically detects the actions that can be performed with the data and presents you the choices or automates the redirection process.
  • Holding your phone in the exact position or orientation
Barcodes and QR codes will be scanner as soon as they are noticed by camera and it isn’t doesn’t actually require you to place them in the brackets.
  • Trying to recall the products scanned with the app in past.
Not only does the app provide with history functionality but also provides users with history sync and access to history through website.


 Scan offers automatically redirects to actions like opening a link, displaying the text within the barcode, addition of contacts to contacts etc. The automatic default action can be toggled On/Off through the settings which will require your input as a yes/no before proceeding to the corresponding action. If you are looking to shop using Scan app, say the same book your friend owns. All you need to do is just scan the barcode of the book and you will be presented with the cover and all other information of the book. You also have options to purchase the book(product) directly from shop advisor or add it your watch list. Additionally you can look for the product at Amazon or Google.

When it comes to scanning barcodes, Scan app is really fast in scanning every type of barcode like UPC, EAN, and ISBN. Whether its scanning the barcodes of your favorite apps or the books in a store. The scanned barcodes can be accessed anytime later with the history tab that gives you unlimited history access from both your device and the app’s official website. Moreover the sync functionality ensures you keep up with all your data even when you switch to a new device or perform a fresh full format.  The official website gives you some more cool options like ability to create your own barcodes including business/personal cards, text notes, links and social media action easily with beautiful custom effects.

In just one line we can describe Scan as a fast, powerful, trendy and an easy to use barcode reader that can cater to all your shopping needs in an efficient way.  And the availability in a fully featured free version makes it’s great reason to switch to a new barcode scanning app.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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