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Woodebox Puzzle FREE

Woodebox Puzzle FREE

Remember the fun with picture puzzle games played on your last vacation with family or friends? Woodebox takes you through the same enjoyable experience and goes even further to give you some mental exercise right on your android phone. Your task in the game is to fill the empty space in a wooden box with wooden pieces available in different shapes and sizes.

If you have played olden hits like Tangram, Pentomino and Unblock me it wouldn’t take long before you understand the gameplay. In the game you start with some of the most basic challenges and learn how to play and get going with the more advanced levels smoothly. What makes Woodebox highly challenging is the closed nature of wooden box that only allows you to slide wooden blocks to move them rather than a pick and drop style or swap style. Building a path to move blocks through narrow passages, avoiding evil balls and arranging the blocks to fit the empty space exactly are the different challenges you will come across with the 54 unique brain teasing levels that bring new challenges in each level of the game. Within the level menu you can access all the levels with a grid view and thumbnails to quickly select any level to replay or start with a new challenge.

Though it could be a little disappointing for a few gamers to not have a social sharing tool in the game but to the fact that the game does not require you to race against time or use a scoring algorithm you will enjoy the fun of completing puzzles to unlock new levels.

The UI and graphics give a rich and elegant feel with the wooden textures throughout the game. It was pretty easy to play the game in both portrait and landscape mode, though the orientation is locked but the native UI is well designed to keep it suitable for playing in both states. You can also turn on vibration feedback on the main screen to assist you while dragging small wooden blocks under your finger in the game. Moreover the puzzle blocks auto align to a empty space cutting off the needless efforts to strictly place them in the accurate spaces.

Woodebox will definitely give a some good time to puzzle lovers along with the value for your money. The game is available in both Free and Paid version. The Paid version throws away the ads that may annoy you and will also bring in regular level updates so that you can keep up with the brain excercises and logical thinking day after other. Woodebox is worth giving a try, especially with the availability of a fully featured free version for a hands on before upgrading to the ad-free version from the Google Play store.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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