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Car Butler

Car Butler

Having your car breakdown on the road can be a frightening experience. I have had my fair share of roadside breakdowns and emergencies including minor incidents like a punctured tire, locking the key in the car, getting out of fuel; to major ones like engine failure, overheating, start-up problems and even an accident during heavy snow. Though we can try to minimize breakdowns and its aftereffects but emergencies are unavoidable and can occur despite your best efforts to keep the car in proper condition. Car Butler is your car buddy that can not only help you during your hard times with your car on a lonely highway but also understands the basic needs of your car.

Car butler starts with weather reports of the current day and location on a beautiful dashboard with dynamic weather backgrounds. The dashboard gives you quick access to various sections in the app quickly. Whether its commuting from an unknown location to your one of your pre added favorite locations or finding a new location on map, you can do it all with the support of Google Maps or any other default navigation application on your device.

The services section gives your car all the care and attention it might have missed due to your busy schedule. You can find the nearest gas stations, parking lots, car wash centers, nearest reputed mechanics, body shops for minor repairs and also check the traffic signals in your surroundings to choose the fastest possible route. Parking your vehicle gets even easier by marking accurate location of vehicle on map and ability to add audio, textual and image notes of the parking spot. You can also add a timer to alert you after a specified time or before the parking allowance time expires.

Its very unfortunate to meet with an accident but in such a situation you can quickly press the emergency button to call 911 for help and later report it to your car insurance provider using accident report button that allows you to record all necessary details like time, address, description of accident, images of vehicles, their number plates, registration card etc with text and audio recording in case you are not in position to tap and write on the phone. You can additionally take details of witnesses and police officers present during the incident which can serve useful while claiming your car insurance. This information along with all the media (images and audio) can be directly mailed to your car insurance provider or police for further investigation in a proper format without much effort. The profile section is where you can save the details of multiple vehicles, license and insurance policies. These details can also be emailed to anyone as and when required or saved to Evernote for effectively managing them from anywhere in the cloud.

Car Butler is a must have for any car owner who wants to ensure a save drive or just to keep the car in the best condition in the worst situations. A good reason to try Car Butler is its availability in a fully featured free version on Google Play.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire running Android 2.3

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