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PicDial: Social Photo SMS

PicDial: Social Photo SMS

PicDial Android app review

Well, when it comes to android, we have all seen how neatly it handles our contacts with its contact management system that is tight integration with Google services as well as other social networks on many of the devices. Though a lot of HTC device owners are already enjoying the social touch in their daily communications but if you are one of the unlucky android user and would like to experience the same features on your android phone, PicDial is ready to serve you with full screen caller pictures and status messages from FaceBook and MySpace.

PicDial unites the fun of mobile communications and social networks in a practically usable way that can bring a new meaning to mobile communications and for sure you are going to love making call and text over and over each day. Once you are through the initial setup of the app you will see the full screen image of caller when they call you or you call them along with the latest status update on their social profile. These little additions to the call screen give a new start to your conversation and the talk actually begins even before the other party or you lift the call. A status update that includes messages like “ having the most wonderful evening” or “ Bad Monday mornings” or just a new vacation picture can strike a conversation that is good enough to refresh you both. Additionally if you are far away from your friends and hardly meet them, watching their picture can brush up your memories of the good times with them, thus also adding some personal touch to your conversation.

Texts have an additional capability to popup over the screen along with the FaceBook picture, status and text message received. You can also quickly reply to the sender from the same popup, thus saving time and avoiding the possibility of delayed reply or no reply from your end while you are busy. You can alternatively open the original text with default message app or just hide the popup. Popups can also be disabled if they tend to get too annoying. If you are using the PicDial app for replying to messages you will be able to use the group messaging functionality as well as an integrated spell checker that can avoid a lot of spelling mistakes that usually occur in quick and short replies. The PicDial texting interface does not miss the voice to text and attachment functionality which can be enjoyed right from the reply screen in the app.

Within the contacts configuration area you can set your favorites which can be used for speed dial or quickly initiating a textual conversation and also choose the picture you want to display for a contact either from the social profile or your gallery. The contacts in your phonebook can also be periodically backed up to PicDial server securely thus eliminating the loss of contacts on a factory reset or when you are in need to export your contacts to another device each time they are updated on one device. You can also access your contacts online using the PicDial account and also update your contacts online to seamlessly sync with your device.

PicDial is available in fully featured Ad supported free version and you can upgrade thereafter for an Ad-free experience.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 4.0

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