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Google Tasks Incredible Lite

Google Tasks Incredible Lite

Google Tasks Incredible app review

There’s one thing I definitely loved about the Windows Phone 7, its clean blue theme. Well Google Tasks Incredible(GTI) Lite android app is not just about its rich blue theme but an amazing Task management experience packed with simplicity and style.

We have some of the strongest contenders in this category namely Astrid , Tasks To Do, GTasks and many more which are powerful yet free. I have enjoyed all of these as my favorites and still continue to but I am a real lazy bug and managing the task app is yet another task for me most of the times unless I am sitting idle or relaxing on my couch.

Google Tasks Incredible (GTI) Lite or just GTI is a simple, fast and efficient app. It’s just like a quick checklist of tasks and that’s gets even better with the Google tasks sync that works seamlessly with the app’s wonderful UI and controls.  You start by adding a Google account to the app, which by default will be the list of Google accounts used on your phone but you can also add new accounts if you wish to. Once added GTI Lite app will let you access all your Google tasks and also let you edit, mark as complete, and delete them. To achieve these action you are not required to follow the traditional ways of tapping the checkbox rather you will be using gesture controls, ie by slide your finger over tasks in respective (right to left or vice versa) directions and mark them as either completed or delete them.  A similar functionality we have already seen and loved in the ICS notification tray. Tap hold a task and you are ready to edit them or follow the traditional way of check to complete the task. You can scroll between all your tasks or reorder them by dragging while holding on the drag switch on the right end of each task. The order can be based on priority or visibility making it easier for you to have the most important tasks on the top while keep the least important ones off the screen. There’s also are associated sound effects and haptic feedback which give a more lively feel on task competition, deletion, selection or scrolling and adding to the wonderful user experience with the app.

We loved the app though there also a setback, the app needs a working internet connection to make sure all your requests are honored. We did face a few crashes with the current version but that did not affect the modification we made seconds ago,  all our data was safe and in its most recent state. We hope to see fixes coming soon with the quick updates rolling out every few days .

If category and tags don’t play an important role in your day to day task management activities and overburden you with the excess of features when you just want to have a checklist that’s easy as a pen and paper, look no further, GTI Lite has everything you need with a simplified user experience and great UI you will love to have your hands on.

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Android app review performed on HTC Desire HD running Android 2.3.3

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