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Instant Camera

Instant Camera

instant camera for android

I spend a lot of time with my pictures after a wonderful vacation or a party, adding special effects to my pictures with Photoshop elements or the easy way of choosing an online services to fulfil my big time hobby. Though there have been a couple of alternatives for the android platform too but more or the same it takes an equal time to get my pictures done the way i want. So instead of snapping a picture and then opening a third party app to add filters to pictures i prefer using a better and powerful solution on my PC. But instant camera really changes the way i now give special effects to my pictures.

Instant Camera app gives you a completely new experience of snapping pictures with different effects. Basically Instant camera is a camera app designed with effects and filters to add beautiful effects to your pictures within the shutter lag time.

Instant camera is pretty straight forward app. Its as easy as firing up the app from the launcher, choosing an effect/filter and capturing the moments with a tap. The app creates a folder on your SD card where you can choose to save photos manually. So you actually get a choice to discard a photo and retake it without piling up your gallery. Some of the most beautiful pictures are definitely worth the recognition that Instant camera adds to them with the social sharing options over multiple social networks, allowing you to send them over to your friends or family over email or even save them to your cloud storage folder.

Though Instant camera makes heavy use of the processor and caused our Sense UI to restart at times, its lag free and offers unnoticeable shutter lag for the best performance over most of the devices.

Instant Camera is not the most unique photography app you may comes across considering its functionality but the wide variety of effects packed in a simple app which are quick and easy to switch and implement makes it a ideal app for every occasion and special moment you wish to capture with your emotional touch. Its totally worth having a look at this simple yet useful photography app available in a fully featured free version without ADS and loads of exciting features coming up.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire S running Android 2.3

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