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Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman

Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman

Well if you have been a fan of physics based shooting games and have had your hands on couple of them earlier you definitely know their fun and additive gameplay. Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman is a game from the same genre.

You play as a stickman standing near the pond in the game and all you do is not just fishing but shooting the fishes by the method of angling. Your fishing rod can be adjusted with different angles that point towards the fish while you can also move on the land surround the pond.  Movements are quite simple and require just dragging the character while pointing at fishes requires you to use the angle and direction controls with a shoot switch adjacent to it. Well if you trying to avoid the pain of manual shooting you can also switch to auto shooting mode which allows you to shoot at regular intervals without manual actions and all you need to take care of is positioning and angle. The shooting is accompanied by sound effect, music and vibration feedback which can be optionally turned off.

The game starts with a practice stage though it doesn’t educate much about the game, neither does the help sections includes a guide for initial understanding but if you just have hands on with the game for a few sessions you will understand the flow of game. Your ultimate aim in the game is to catch all the fishes in lowest possible time to attain a highscore. The game summary along with total score is displayed at the competition of each level. The levels competition summary details you with points, bonus, time for completion and total score achieved.   Unfortunately scores are not saved for challenging them later on and you will need to recall them each time you wish to challenge your previous highscores.

The game brings 8 levels of advancing difficulties with each new level.  The graphics and animations are bland and could had be done better to improve the overall feel of the game which is a concept that has been fun in so many ways.

Anyone who Is willing to check out physics based shooting games can get a hands on with Stickb Fish Shooter Stickman for free on the Google Play.

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Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter. Help Stickb shoot fish to survive the island.

Stickb Stickman needs to shoot as many fish as possible to survive his island adventure. Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter is a 3rd-person shooter game for all ages with fun graphics, tropical music, and a fully articulate stickman player.

Stickb Stickman Fish Shooter has eight (8) game levels and 1 practice level with colorful diverse fish species. Stickb shoots with his trusty crossbow and if he clears all the fish on a level you get bonus points! Be careful to avoid shooting the friendly porpoises or the ravenous sharks will emerge and clear out the fish.

Stickb Stickman can move around the beach and shoot, and the shooter device allows 90 degrees of motion to shoot anywhere in the water. Fish emerge, jump, and submerge as they are hit. There are fast shoot levels with lots of colorful fish and rapid shooting. Have fun!


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This Android app review was performed on HTC Desire S running Android 2.3

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