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Sticky Blocks Free

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Well if you ask me what is the first thing I do when I am sitting alone waiting for my turn in a queue or someone special, its pulling out my phone and taking an incomplete puzzle challenge from my favorite current game. Sticky Blocks is the latest addition to my vast library of puzzle games. The game comes from one of the top android puzzle game developer AIFactory and that’s why I wanted to try it myself make a review.

Sticky Blocks in its first look will remind you of your favorite Zen stone game you would have probably spend hours achieving the best scores.  But that not all the game is all about.  Start with the game for the first time and you will be presented with a moving puzzle on the lively home screen that shows up just like the actual game in action. Once you jump into the actual game by choosing out of five  difficulty modes, you have 50 unique puzzles in each difficulty mode to challenge against and many more bonus levels which sum up to a more than 300 puzzles in free version and around 600 puzzles in full version with unique challenges and combination of difficulties.

If you have had an opportunity to check out Unblock me on your android phone you would be pretty familiar with the controls and gameplay that’s somewhat inspired from the old hit. But with Sticky Blocks you are not just clearing the blocks out of your way but also avoid these sticky blocks from freezing and ultimately blocking your main block on its way towards exit. Apart from just clearing the block from screen you will also need to challenge the high score and collect goodies like gems, frogs, insects hiding under the blocks and butterflies which help you obtain a puzzle bomb that can help you clear a level with gold medal without solving it. Moreover the game has more goodies for you to collect in the bonus stages which are unlocked as you progress in the game and develop your skills.

The controls are very basic and just require you to drag blocks with your natural gestures. The game also supports undo and automatic undo to get you before it got all messed up. You can tweak your gaming experience with your moods by changing the background picture, toggling sound effects or music and turning on the creatures in game.

A wide variety of objectives, tough challenges and easy controls welcome you with Sticky Blocks android game. Overall the game is a wonderful choice for any puzzle lover or casual gamer though we feel it lacks the polish in its UI and gameplay which can be improved to a great extent but it doesnt affect all the fun you will have with the game. The game is available in a free version as well as paid, so its not a bad idea to pay 99 cents for over 600 unique puzzle challenges available on the go.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XE running Android 2.3

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