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Gotcha Spammer, Jelly Bean is smarter at managing notifications

Gotcha Spammer, Jelly Bean is smarter at managing notifications

Jelly Bean notification system

With the growing popularity and demand of Android phones, the app market has already turned over crowded with a plethora of apps. This in turn has impacted the quality of free apps available in the play store due to the fact that developers are aggressively trying to turn their apps in a cash machine by pushing ads to your device in every possible way. There’s no reason I am against them for showing ads for their free apps and I don’t wish to block them unless they get in my way but flooding the phone with ads in every possible way can be the most frustrating part about these freemium app models. Banner ads are generally confined to a fixed area and are not as annoying as seen on the web. But what makes me really disappointed is their ability to spam me with the default android notification system and put me in a helpless situation to get rid of them. Having tried a couple of most popular ad/push-notification blocking apps I still fell the job was half done. Either the ads still showed or I was unable to catch the culprit.

No more will you be troubled by these spammers again; with Jelly Bean’s neat new feature to track the apps that are the root cause of spam you will be able to get hold of the culprit. You will be able to long press on any notification to take a look at the originating apps activity and then you choose whether to bar all the notifications from it or uninstall it.

This means that you no more need to do all the guess work by install third party apps to detect advertisement addons in apps and block them in an ineffectively way.

Another great reason to whole heartedly welcome the Jelly Bean aka Project butter which makes the whole android system more slick and efficient.

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