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Gin Rummy Free

Gin Rummy Free

Gin Rummy free for android

I remember the good old time spent in hostel, whenever I think about rummy or come across cards.  Rummy was one of the “easy to learn and hard to master” kind of game for me and I slowly developed interest in Gin Rummy which is a one to one player game. Let’s keep the rules aside and see how you can experience the same fun and challenges of Gin Rummy on the go. Gin Rummy Free from AI Factory is already gaining a lot of popularity amongst gamers and is actually one of the worthy options available on the Play Store. We have already seen an array of puzzle games from AI factory in the past and let us admit we did love most of them.

Whether you are one of the frequent players of Gin Rummy card game or just a beginner you will enjoy this android game for pleasure as well as improving your skills of the game. The game offers a mix of 15 different opponents and difficulty levels to match every gamer’s standards and so you can advance to expert opponents as you start turn wiser by learning and improving your skills.

In the game your cards are laid on the bottom part of the screen where you can rearrange all your cards, drag any card from the pack or the one facing up with and similarly discard by dragging them off to the deck face up. The drag and drop or rearrange makes the game feel more natural than just tapping cards to choose. But this doesn’t hurt the game controls and keeps then really smooth and precise, so you will never be fiddling with wrong selections once you get a hang of the game. On the top of the game screen you will see your opponent’s picture and score while your score will shown at the bottom of the screen. The game can be left anytime by leaving the table or you can also choose to save and quit to continue anytime later when you re-launch the game.Gin Rummy free android game

If you are too much into this game you would definitely like to keep an eye on your overall performance by visiting the statistics section or just scroll though the opponent selection screen where you can take an independent view of wins and losses with each opponent.

The game includes a detailed “How to play” and rules guide which is a must for most beginners.  For an easy go the game allows you to undo your previous moves limitlessly.   But the game does lack the in game hints for easy learning of newbie’s.

If you are one of the moody gamers and love colors, there’s a nice option within the settings panel to customize the look and feel of the complete app with 7 pre loaded themes and not just the table. You can also unlock new decks by upgrading or completing an offer.

We are really impressed with the overall experience of Gin Rummy Free Android game recommend it o every card game lover. The clean interface, user friendly controls and sound effects add to a better experience too. But a multiplayer gaming and global scorecard could make it a complete and one stop solution for Gin Rummy gamers.  Considering its free availability on the Play Store it’s really hard to argue over the pricing but you would be bound to some advertising which we did not notice during the review but for sure you can get rid of them by upgrading to the ads free version or directly purchasing it over the Play Store.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 2.3

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