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If Music is your hobby, your passion or it’s something you do for your living we have got a wonderful addition to your favorite tools. Mikrowave is pocketable sequence synthesizer that gives you the freedom to be creative on the go and never lets you lose your imaginations on your way back home.. Whether you are working on a project compiling music for an upcoming game or creating new background effects for a video you will find Mikrowave very simple and a practically useful solution.

Taking an even closer look at the features, you will find a 16 step sequencer that does not cap the limit to add bars. That means you will be able to add as many bars as you wish to have in your composition. While you create unique sound effects, you do so from the scratch and not by using compiling samples of pre recorded sounds. After adding the notes to your composition you can change the basic waveforms between sine, saw tooth, square, pulse and more. But the fun doesn’t end here, you’ve got secondary oscillator which can be used to enrich your original sounds. There are the attack and release analog style buttons along with the dual low frequency oscillator- the LFO 2 that can be used with a filter and a FM to sync with the track tempo. Further more you will be able to add filter mods like Jennifer Lo-pass, Mangler and even polly. Within each of these mods you will have adjustments just like the analogue knobs we said will be found in the secondary oscillator. You are well served with effects and adjustments and are not just limited to the basic presets. Say the J Lo-Pass allows you to controls the filter cut-off, filter resonance while the Mangler can have a range of bit resolution and dist. Mix and with the Polly you can adjust delay time, delay mix and delay feedback. You can adjust the tempo of your compositions from within the settings panel where you can also adjust sound , octave and its measures and also the keyboard octave.

If you have a habit of testing your creative ideas over a keyboard, there you go with the mutitouch keyboard. Though the keyboard is not a fully fledged keyboard what you would be expecting it, but it is sure to ease a lot of your efforts and lets you quickly make new changes to your notes

You can save your compositions in the app as well as reload them anytime later to make necessary changes and improve. But if you are looking at the ability to export your notes directly to another device or a computer or share it with others, you would be rather disappointed not to have such ability within the app itself. But that doesn’t affect the overall functionality of the app and works just as you expect it to.  The dual core CPU requirement of this resource hungry app will be fulfilled by many of current generation devices but if you have an older generation phone you may face some lags in processing the sound smoothly as well as feel the jerks during the usage. It is hugely recommended to take a test drive of the free version of the app to check its compatibility before you purchase one of the most affordable sequenced synthesizers for your android phone and your passion towards music.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.4

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