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iFixit: Repair Manual

iFixit: Repair Manual

iFixit repair manual for android

We have seen in past how wonderfully the guys over at iFixit have torn down each device before we could even complete the first full charge of our brand new gadgets. Though everyone loves their personal devices and would never want them to get ill, you never know when you drop it on the road or slip it in a jar of juice. For everyone who has been over caring or careless towards their gadgets, iFixit has launched their official android app which brings you fully specialized guide that gives you bit-by-bit detail to repair your gadgets from anywhere.iFixit repair manual android app review

If you are unaware of iFixit, take a look at their website and you are sure to find something interesting. iFixit performs teardown of every newly launched gadget including laptops, smart phones, game consoles and even more to give users a clear understanding of internal specs of these devices.  iFixit is absolutely free and open-sourced with a huge community support. Anything and everything related to hardware goes here.

With iFixit you will have a clear understanding of internal specs of a gadget in a more technical way. You can fix your gadgets and electronics with their easy & well explained repair guides and you can also use the troubleshooting section to get what you are looking for. Start with their neatly categorized list and choose your device type from the huge variety including camera’s, game consoles, household items, toys, media players, music systems, laptops, mobile phones, vehicles and even more. Then choose your device make, manufacturer and model to get started. You will find three different sections: Guides- that give you a complete step by step solution to deal with a specific problem, then there’s Answers- where you can find solution to some general issues that happen to users of the same device and even their input is shared in the community. The third section is the Info- here you can find general info about the device with all links at one place in an online view.

Go ahead and register yourself and you are sure to enjoy iFixit’s Android app. Whether or not you need to repair your phone but each teardown has a lot to explain and teach. This will not only further help you understand your gadgets in a better way but also save them from any future damage.

The only limitation with the app is it needs an active data connection and does not cache data for reusability, so you better be online before you try using the app for fresh content each day.

iFixit is available for free and a must have for every techie out there.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 2.3

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