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Flicking off the camera to capture the most beautiful or funny moments of the life is what everyone does with their phones today. But there isn’t a tool that makes sharing these video’s with people around the globe easier than Keek. Before we go ahead, lets know that Keek is a social micro-video sharing platform that integrates with Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and more to enable swift and easy sharing of video messages. Just like you send tweets and add status updates on twitter and Facebook,  Keek will let you do more with the visual power, by keeking video based status updates that are much more entertaining and a very powerful medium to expressing yourself.

The simple layout is pretty straight forward to start with. Fire up the app and you are ready to explore latest micro-videos(Keeks) being uploaded by other users every second in the “latest keeks”  section or you can take a look at the most active keek makers in the “top 100 users”. You can sign up with the service for free and start adding your own videos (keek’s) right away. Exploring video’s(Keek’s) from over the globe and interacting with keek’s from other users via keekbacks(something just like video feedbacks) is a whole new way of entertainment, fun and staying connected. You can also interact by adding comment as text, liking Keek’s and sharing them with other friends on, Facebook, twitter, Google+, via text, Bluetooth and many other platforms and mediums. Would you like to personalize your profile by adding your family and friends? There you go with the simple invite function that can be used via sms or email to invite your friends and quickly share your keek’s with them. All you need to do is just log in with Facebook, twitter or use your address book and the app will bring out useful suggestion based on your address book and history.

A lot of amazing video’s are awaiting you at keek and what makes it even better are the millions of users uploading something every second. Users can be followed or subscribed to, for new keeks fetched directly in your “my streams” area. So you won’t be missing any updates from the people you wish to stay connected all the time. You can also search for Keeks as well as people with the handy search functionality to find your friends or relevant information in form of videos. Each user has a public profile which shows all keeks uploaded, users bio and general stats like followers, following and subscribe.  So you get to know the fellow keekers before you follow or subscribe to them.

Uploading a new keek from your android phone is as easy as point, shoot and share. Launch the app and the press the big green button which says “new keek” and you are in a view finder mode where you can choose to switch between front/rear camera and start recording with a tap. There’s also a cool feature to turn on continuous flash for recording in low light conditions. This is probably one such feature most of the stock camera app’s tend to miss but no more will you be annoyed with the poor quality video’s  of your most cherished moments in the dark, say a club with low lighting or the back seat of the car. Your Keek’s can be saved to device and kept private or can be uploaded for sharing with friends and other keek users. From the recording interface you also have a shortcut to view your saved keeks where your non-shared locally stored keeks are listed. These keeks can be uploaded, deleted and edited by adding captions like hashtags, mentions and URL’s that makes the whole idea more interesting and search worthy for other users.

Keek lets you controls your privacy settings, block selected users, edit your profile, edit email preferences and authenticate Facebook and twitter to find and invite friends  from the application settings menu.

Keek is available on all the popular platforms including web, iOS and Android with the same wonderful experience which brings you close to your loved ones and makes you a part of the community with similar interests without the barriers of cross platform limitations.

From the first cup of coffee to the late night party at the club, keek adds realism and fun to all your social conversations be it a tweet or a Facebook like.  Its wonderful integration with social networks and easy to adopt UI makes keeking on the go a real fun.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.3

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