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SENTRYsp InSight

SENTRYsp InSight Android security appSENTRYsp InSight Android App Review

The smartphone and its users are getting smarter each day as new technology and innovative apps make their way to them. But it can also make you dumb if you are unaware of what exactly is happening under the beautiful display of the phone. Who is to blame when the push ad’s annoy you and running processes kill the battery? Many Android users neglect to watch out for permissions an app requests and that’s how they get into the trap of spywares and malwares. How would you feel if the data on your phone is being sold out in the open online market? It’s the biggest nightmare for almost anyone who uses their phones to sync, backup and store personal or business related data for everyday use. Though there are a few ways you can keep your device safer and smarter but taking the hard way to get the most basic information out of your phone isn’t the only alternative. Get SENTRYsp InSight, an app to keep an eye on such spyware and malware apps that suck your battery juice, add to your operator fees by making unintended communication and sacrifice your privacy, and that’s all you pay for downloading a misleading app for free or from an untrusted source.

SentrySp lets you understand not just the behavior of apps, but every sort of communication originating or coming to the phone. The dashboard of the app has eight different tabs onscreen to monitor different services. First and foremost is the SentrySp’s All process tab which gives the details of all apps and services installed on the android phone. The highlight color gives an understanding of the activities performed by an app. If the app handles the device data very securely it is highlighted with a green color and is highlighted with a yellow color and an exclamation sign if there is a “possibility” of handling the data insecurely.  We saw a couple of apps and of them Dropbox was identified as secure (at the time of the review) but a couple of 3rd party Dropbox add-ons and widgets did show up an exclamation sign and yellow highlight. Similar was the case with Angry Birds while few other latest games were shown an exclamation sign. Tapping on any app takes you to system app info screen where you can see the app permissions, disable the app, force stop, uninstall or swap its location depending on what is required for security.

The next thing you would come across is the call logs, texts and data tabs but these are marked as suspicious only if they are unavailable in the phonebook. Under these tabs you will be able to see details like call date, time, duration, and details of the calls from phonebook which are pretty much like the call history thread. Similarly the message tab logs all the texts sent and received with most of the details.

The system tab is worth having a look because it provides useful insights like total texts sent/received each day and for the previous week. Other details include top apps that are sending out data and this can be also be seen in a detailed view of top 10 apps with their data usage in the last few days by specific date, you will also see a internet statistics column which shows total data sent/received by device in the last few days with dates and the total week. Apart from  this SentrySp also lets you keep a track of your operator plans, currently you can use phone calls an data after specifying a start date of month which will show you a meter that fills up as you reach your limit and also changes it color to red for understanding usage at a glance. This tab also shows you all the running services and their running duration.

If you are willing to keep a close eye on your daily activities with location based support then SentrySp won’t let you down.  It’s a really cool feature in practical use. Say, you want to know where exactly you were on the map while you made a call to friend-X or when you checked your mail and even more.

The display items can be presented more neatly by sorting the events like calls, data or processes by using the sort order function. In addition to this the settings area can be used to control the number of items shown under each view. For beginners there is a detailed help manual that lets you explore the full potential of the app and allows you to get a hang of all its features in no time.

SentrySp Insight brings everything in one place and makes it easier for end users to understand each and every noteworthy activity happening in the phone. If you are someone who carries their digital life along and privacy is your chief concern keep SentrySp handy and you are good enough to fight back the bad guys.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.3

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