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Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi

Smart WiFi android app reviewWith technological developments the world is getting more connected and accessible for everyone who owns a computer or a smartphone.  Today it’s hard to imagine staying disconnected from the internet. Wherever you go, the plethora of networks follow you. But have you ever had a hard time figuring out the best Wi-Fi networks in your location? It can be a real pain to have a sluggish network connectivity despite the availability of perfectly working networks, just because you are unable to constantly monitor these networks due to your dynamic location and frequent connectivity problems. But if you need a cure, Smart Wi-Fi can make your Android phone smarter and ease your pain by sorting the best access points in real time.

We know that the default Wi-Fi network management works pretty well on Android but it does fail to deliver the best results when you have a huge number of networks running in the range. Smart Wi-Fi includes all the basic features the default network management app has to offer like ability to switch to 3G when all available Wi-Fi networks are poorly performing or when you need the best connectivity in situations like phone standby and even ability to automatically shutdown WiFi after predefined time of inactivity.  Smart WiFi also includes features to improve network usage by offering the ability to toggle channel interference in area’s with many networks and increasing the scan period to capture the network which could had been skipped due to low signal strength.  To make things simpler Smart Wi-Fi will filter the Access point list and only show up the ones you have used and choose to use in future. This will exclude APs that are inaccessible but still clutter your list.

The best thing about Smart Wi-Fi despite being a 3rd party app is its integration with the default Android Wi-Fi functionality. You can not only switch on Wi-Fi through the app but also invoke the app when Wi-Fi is turned on and it automatically gets back to work without you having to do anything. When you turn on your Wi-Fi and open Smart Wi-Fi all the Wi-Fi networks in range will be displayed in a radar display view with different color codes that represent the security of the connection as well as the network signal with the distance from the center (i.e. – your phone), at the same time you can see connection link which network your device is connected to, which is all quite easy to understand at a glance.  The Smart connect switch at the center of the radar display will automatically connect you to the best network in your range considering the parameters like signal strength, security, bandwidth and more. But there’s even more, because despite successful connection some networks don’t give you access to internet due to their security parameter. With smart connect you can avoid the frustration when a connected access point no more works. You will also see the status at the top which shows you the Wi-Fi state On/Off, certification of a network, validity of IP settings, connection state and internet accessibility. If you keep the sound effect on, you will be notified of new networks coming in range and when a connection is made or disconnected but if you feel annoyed with them they can be disabled anytime from interface.

Smart Wi-Fi has a pretty useful feature from Wi-Fi Donkey which lets you access secured access points wihout knowing the passkey, provide they have been shared by owners or their co users. Using the Wi-Fi donkey is easy; you just need to share one or more security-locked APs first. Once you have done this, the app will automatically connect you to any available access point by fetching required data from its server.

Due to a variety of new features that come within any new app, it’s a good idea to take a look at the help section which can be accessed by sliding the tray at the bottom of the screen and gives you a clear picture of usage and features with visual representations.

Smart Wi-Fi is a must have or at least worth trying for anyone who spends most of their time over Wi-Fi hotspots during their productive or recreation time. Available in Free (Ad supported) and Pro versions, Smart Wi-Fi makes a great companion that keeps you smarter and more efficient than others, atleast when we are talking about seamless internet connectivity.

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