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Stringnote android app reviewWhile you are on the road, heading somewhere or having fun with your friends in a sports club, there can be a lot of things running in mind and need to be thought about sometime later but it can be a real pain to take them down as note in such circumstances. Unlocking your device, firing up Evernote and then typing even the shortest possible message can be a distraction or even an act that is not allowed. Here’s how Stringnote makes things tidier and yet gives you the quick note taking capability without even touching your device’s screen. Amazed how Stringnote can do that and keep all things in one place?

The first time you start the app you authorize it to work with your Evernote account and that’s it. Wasn’t that a simple setup? All you need to do when you want to take a note is double press the power key quickly and you are ready to take an audio note and also add a snapshot from your camera. This note is then saved to your Evernote account but will be uploaded only when you are connected to the internet. The settings section within Stringnote allows you to toggle audio and image capture in notes, you can additionally change the note title and text to understand that the note was taken from Stringnote. The notes will also carry useful data like time, date and location which can be seen in the Evernote app and notes can be edited or viewed later based on your requirement.

Now let’s suppose you are driving your car and come across a gas station or a store that you need to take a note of for any special price/discount running. All you need to do is, simply flip out your android phone, double press the power key while pointing the camera towards the item/location while you also speak along the message you need to record as a voice note. You will no more end up in hassles of unlocking your device, entering a security code/pattern(if any), searching the app from app drawer and writing down the note while you risk yourself and break the driving laws.

Stringnote is a very useful app if you have ever wanted to take notes while you are busy and no mood to type or your hands are busy driving, having the meal, or anything you can imagine in a practical situation.

Stringnote integrates really well with Evernote as well as the device especially the power button functionality. No matter whether your phone is in sleep or awake, whether you have a face unlock activated or a code you still have the ability to take notes with one touch and a great detail. The audio is recorded for 15 good seconds, that gives you the ability to have every bit of detail in your note and at the same time camera shutter gives a short delay before it actually captures the scene thus you can readjust your camera view without adding any noticeable delay and you will get perfect at this just with a few rounds of tests. Stringnote is idling all the time in background to make sure you get it when you need it but consumes noticeable power and CPU only when used. It’s really good to see that Stringnote also doesn’t interfere in the normal functionality of the device by not confusing itself with unlocking feature on the power button.

Surprisingly Stringnote is available for Free. And for all the convenience it adds to our lives we can say it is quite under priced. Every Android user out there who uses Evernote to take notes and take every bit of their life along, this is a must have.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.3

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