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Tapadoo puzzle game review

We have seen a plethora of puzzle with concepts of matching, rearranging, word games, math related, fast paced tapping,  and even the most loved physics based puzzle games but what if you get this everything in one game. “Tapadoo: tap to solve puzzles” from Nevosoft Inc is the game we are talking about in this review.

Tapadoo is not a traditional puzzle game but more than just refreshing in each step. With a collection a wide variety of puzzles that you solve in each step, your aim is to collect coins for your picky bank. If you have ever tried to attempt an IQ test and seen some meaningless questions being solved in a logical way, you will have the same good experience with rich doodle graphics and pleasant music in Tapadoo. Its initial impressions are likely to remind you of the wonderful puzzle game – The moron test but it get even better with the wide variety of challenges, mind blowing graphics and slick interface.

Starting with very easy puzzles that give you a hang of the gameplay, you them move to exciting and challenging new puzzles that need you think in new logical ways. Surprising the game turns to be really challenging but the solutions look pretty simple when completed. In the game you will perform tasks like- opening a treasure box by finding and using the key, filling the tummy of snake to make him happy and popping out a coin from his mouth,  selling an ice cream to a girl in the cold winter by turning the weather scorching hot, regulating the road traffic by using the properties of color on a traffic light, you figure out how to wake up your dear friend on time in a humorous way and get rewarded, feeding a creature to get rewarded,  figure out how to get the coin from an open cage of the tiger, perform simple math to get rewards, match the identities or locations with their name, arrange object/creatures in an order of time, type, size etc to get rewarded and much much more. There is no definite order of puzzles neither do you have a categorized puzzle menu making the game totally unexpected and fun with a completely new challenge in each step. The fun doesn’t end here, you can get more level packs from Play Store if you love the game like we did.

The good side of Tapadoo is that it is not limited to age groups, anyone right from a kid to a parent can enjoy the puzzle game. The doodle style graphics with rich colors in the game are really impressive along with the simple animation of objects accompanied by sound effects and music. Tapadoo gives us no choice to rate it less than a perfect puzzle game that’s makes its way to your android phone absolutely free and that just gets better with more puzzles being added to game with updates and in-app purchases.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.3

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