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How to Setup ADB and FASTBOOT Drivers on MAC

ADB and FASTBOOT Driver installation on MAC OS X

Lets get started:

  1. First download the latest Android SDK from Google:
  2. After downloading the Zip archive, extract it to your desired location
  3. If you want to use ADB, you will be required to install the Android SDK. See installation steps Or download the following zip file containing only the ADB tool and proceed with the tutorial: ADB
  4. Create an environment variable (Optional)
  • Open the Terminal
  • Type cd ~ this will take you to your home directory
  • Type touch .profile this will create a hidden file named profile
  • Type open -e .profile it will open the file that was just created by you in TextEdit
  • Within the file type export PATH=${PATH}:/pathToTheAndroidSdkFolder/android-sdk-mac_86/platform-tools
  • Save the file and close TextEdit, Quit Terminal, and then Relaunch Terminal.
  • If you create an environment variable then you do not require to change directory or use cd to the Android/tools folder every time you want to run ADB
  1. Type  adb devices, and you should see something like this  in the list of devices attached
    HTS763458SF device

If this doesn’t work please check that your phone is plugged in and has USB Debugging turned on in Settings > Applications > Development.

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