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aCar – Track your vehicles

aCar – Track your vehicles

aCar Android car maintenance app review

A wonderful long drive in your new car and it’s on for its routine maintenance. Wondering how much fuel did you spend on your trip or what spares were replaced in the last servicing?  aCar – Track your vehicles for your Android Phone will be the be best replacement for all excel sheets and diaries you have been using ever since your brand new car was purchased which are neither convenient nor specially designed for car related tracking.

aCar – Track your vehicles will not just let you keep a track of fuel fillup’s, maintenance, trips but also other expenses of your vehicle such as a car wash, insurance renewals, toll fee, fine, accidents, parking fee, towing and everything else your car goes through by including any other information along with the charges.aCar dashboard Android app review

Fire up the app and you are on aCar’s dashboard. It is simple to understand and can quickly take you to any section of the app.  From the dashboard you can add all your vehicles before you get started. You can add every single detail of your car and also assign it a short name to identify it within the app if you have multiple cars from the same manufacturers. Your vehicle details with aCar are just like keeping all your documents in one place to quickly refer whenever required. You can enter the make, model, year, license plate, insurance policy details, fuel capacity, body style, price of purchase(for both new and used) and even additional notes that can supply other information.

The most frequently used feature of the aCar for most of the users would be fillup’s, this is where you can enter the details of gas purchases. You can keep records limited to quantity and price of fuel or be more precise by adding odometer reading, type of fuel, fuel station brand, location, additives used, driving condition, average speed, payment mode, and even use the city-highway drive ratio bar which can define road and traffic conditions of complete trip at a glance. Similarly you can add new service records by choosing the replaced parts in list or add new spares to the list and reuse them later with one tap. The Expense records also have a similar kind of interface to quickly select additional expenses such as car wash, insurance, fines and much more. With each record you can create and reuse universal tags for grouping records and easily understanding your car expenses in long terms. In addition to this you can add notes which can provide the extra detail each record could be missing.

The dashboard area also provides overview of statistics without entering into individual sections. You can also sort the activities and expenses by specific car (if you have added multiple cars) or set to all car’s as default view. With a quick glance you will be able to get the details of fuel fillup’s over a graph and can also see the money spent of other activities like services, additional expenses. Then there are trends like average money spent per gallon, per day expense and per mile expense of your car. For quick reference there is a latest activities section just below status and trends section which displays the last 5-10 activities along with expenses of your car. All these sections can be collapsed or expanded to save screen estate and show only what is required.aCar statistics and graphs android app review

aCar comes with useful reminder that can notify  you, say when you need to change your air filter or brake fluid or if the tyre pressure needs to be checked before a long drive. The app also offers useful predictions that help you cut your expenses and keep your car in the best form. The browse records  section is neatly sorted by date, you can also have a look at the statistic in a detailed view by filtering results based on time range and take a look at the wide variety of charts that look simple but are pretty useful to understand many aspects of your car. Like price of fuel, gal’s per fillup, Miles between individual fillup’s, time between each fillup, avg cost per fillup, odometer-time graph and much more.

aCar – Track your vehicles comes with a variety of beautiful widgets in sizes 4×1 and 3×1. With console widget you can quickly add new expenses, fillup’s, service records and even vehicles. The prediction and reminder widgets can help you understand and remind of any routine checks and requirements of your car right on your homescreen.  There’s also a fuel efficiency and fuel price widget that keeps a track of your trips and displays useful details like gas price.

No doubt aCar is richly featured and the most powerful car related tracking and managing tool for your android phone, but you can also keep all your precious data backed up, just in case you fear of losing your android phone. With many other useful settings you can personalize the app according to your requirements in long term and let aCar be your car’s personal assistant for anything it needs with system notifications and reminders to keep you one step ahead.

Not all wonderful apps come for free but yes aCar – Track your vehicles is available in a fully functional free version. Though you can unlock extra goodies including a variety of widgets that let you quickly accomplish a task and provide tracking details right on the homescreen. By upgrading to the aCar Pro unlocker all the settings and data with the app are preserved, though there is an import/export feature in the app that helps you migrate to a new device or platform easily.

If love your car and want to keep it in the best form, aCar is the best gift for your beloved car.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.3

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