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Do you set up alarms to remember your medicine doses? Have you ever ended up carrying an empty bottle of syrup or a spray on your outing? MedSimple™ makes all you medicine related requirements easy to fulfill besides it also helps you save on the same medicines with coupons and direct offers from manufacturers.Medsimple app review

With MedSimple™ you can add all your prescribed medicines from the universal MedSearch which allows you look for the drug through a simple text search. The procedure for adding drugs allows you to add all vital information like dosage, strength of drug, quantity of purchase and dosage frequency, additionally you can also add a prescriber say your family doctor, the pharmacy where you purchase the drug and any additional note.  Once added the you will be able to see all your medicines in “My Med List “area which makes managing and tracking all your medicines from one spot easier. Would you want to share your MedList with a doctor or your family members? You can pass on all necessary information to them through email and other sharing options on your device.  But that’s not all, by tapping a medicine in list you can see a FAQ of for the specific medicine which talks about its uses, side effects, how to take it, some images and drug interactions with any other medicines.  The Good thing about each FAQ is that, it is specifically written for individual medicines rather than a common set of question and answers, thus it is just like learning about a specific medicine from a friend or doctor.  Any additional notes also go along in this section to make it convenient for recalling special requirements like do’s and don’t’s.

The app requires a sign up for the first time users but that’s because its keeps data linked to your profile with basic details. You will also require a working internet connection in order to access the app with its huge list of regularly updated Med list and cost saving section. The dashboard allows quick navigation to individual sections in the app. On the dashboard The Med List is where all your added medicines show up, with Med Search you can find a drug you are looking for by keywords and name. The other three useful sections include: Cost Savings, Dose reminder and Refills.

With the Cost savings section you can view any offer associated with a drug and thus save money. Offers are available as coupons, generic saving programs and assistant programs but all the they do it let you save money on the same medicines you buy for a higher price and also from the same pharmacy. All you need to do is just show these coupons on your phone at a pharmacy.Medsimple medicine and drug manager app

Missing a dose probably can pause your health improvements but can also make you sad for doing so. No matter how busy you are, Dose Reminder will notify you to take a drug on the prescribed time. With Dose reminder function you can set days, number of times and specific time when you wish to take a medicine and all these options are shown based on the intake frequency that was specified in the Medlist, thus adding reminder is a quick task.

MedSimple will keep a track of your medicine stock and also remind you to pick up a new refill a few days in advance. By adding pick up date reminder and your frequency of refill usage you can calculate and set up reminders for specific time of day, say the time you return from office or when you drive through the market.

MedSimple™ will actually make your medication easier and well managed. With MedSimple™ you will no more be falling short of medicines in the mid of night, nor are you missing doses due to your busy schedule. And all you do this spending less on drugs with the help of special offers and coupons.  If you find the need of a medical assistant grab MedSimple™ for free on the Play Store.

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This Android Medical app review was performed on HTC One S running Android 4.0.3

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