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Recipe Search

recipe search cook book app for android
Another wonderful occasion and everyone has been invited to your place for a mouthwatering meal. Confused, on what you should serve your guests? Or, is it that you have tried all the recipes from your cooking book and want to treat your guests with something different, yet delicious and equally healthy? If you are a foodie and love cooking as a hobby, “Recipe Search” for Android brings you thousands of unique recipes right to your android phone with every necessary detail you need.

Recipe Search may not be the most appealing app, when it comes to interface and design but it has got the most extensive portfolio of recipes you can find on an Android app. If you are looking for new recipe’s then Recipe Search app should be more than just amazing to find new recipe based on preferences like cook time you wish to spare, calorie intake and language of recipe description. Yes, we repeat, Recipe Search can present you all the needed information in your regional language too, besides native English. The app has 50 language choices which can be selected when you search for a recipe.recipe search android cooking book review

Searches are not just limited to dish names but we find the need to mention that recipe search has got a really powerful meta search engine that can find recipes based on anything and everything. Say you would like to find a recipe with a specific ingredient, or all the recipies made in a specific season say Spring or winter or even recipes by preparation methods. When you want to stay healthy, you need to keep a count on the intake of calories too. The search results can be filtered based on calorie requirements, cook time involved, language of prepattion method and even if you want to see recipes along with images. The search functionality in the app is divided into two tabs where the first lets you search recipes on the web as textual content and images, there’s also a Youtube search functoin integration in the app. By typing your search terms you can search for recipe’s right from the app’s interface.  The search resuts in “Recipe Search” app made us wonder the powerful and easy search functionality that makes cooking interesting for anyone who is too lazy to cook after their tiresome day or someone who wants to maintain a strict diet plan.

A lot of instances may occur where you come across something really yummy and would like to check out later. The bookmarking feature in the app shows its real good when you have hundreds of delicious recipes to choose from but just few you can prepare and consume. You can save a recipe with the plus sign next to each listing or even save the complete set of results as a bookmark. This way you can create a handy favorite list that’s serves as a good reason to invite guests over and over every occasion.

With Recipe Search you would not be awaiting developer updates to get new recipes added to the app, as all the recipes results are fetched from around the web which come from trusted sources and are highly relevant. Recipe Search brings you the most amazing recipes on your android phone for a price that is hard to argue. Learn new recipes, impress your guests, eat healthy and even create your cooking plans with Recipe Search.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.4

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