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SportOn Android App Review

The most remarkable moments of 2012 Olympics are still fresh in our memories it comes to an end. If you are one of the diehard fans of an athlete or a sport, trying to add a punch of sporty personalization’s to your android phone with wallpapers and ringtones, hold on, and take a quick look at SportOn. SportOn is an app for and from sport lovers.  Now, every time you flick out your phone to take a call, you will not be a victim of those boring and uninspiring ringtones. SportOn helps you to personalize your android phone with a variety of video ringtones featuring every possible game and athlete you love.

Getting past the simple registration process that also offers a choice to quickly login with Facebook besides standard registration, you can access hundreds of video tones that can be downloaded and set as default for any specific event. Say you want to start your day with some of the best moments of swimming and diving or watch some supercross action with equally wonderful background music before you read a text, then look no further, SportOn brings a neat way to personalize your Android phone without adding any nuisance.

Get ready to choose top video ringtones within the “Top 10” section, or look out for the latest video ringtones in the “New” section, additionally you can search from the huge database of SportOn video tones. These sections are sorted into tabs which list videos along with the details and thumbnail to let users quickly get what they like. All the video ringtones can be previewed before purchase and this way you won’t end up with frustration of purchasing the wrong content.

SportOn comes with a cool set of customizations like assigning a ringtone for all calls, or just a few callers in your contacts list. And if you would like to assign a unique video ringtone to each person in your contacts, it can be very easily managed by visiting videos section and general section where you have ability to toggle features on/off as well as remove users from the list.  You can assign video tones for sms, mms or just as your alarm. The video ringtone shows up with a very simple yet elegant interface that wouldn’t let you miss your stock call/sms/alarm screen. After a call is answered you would see your default in-call screen and in case you don’t want to answer a call there is a reject button too which sits next to the answer button. Everything comes for a price and all you are going to miss are the fancy gesture based call controls that come with most phones running on Android 2.1 plus. The sms screen does miss the text summary feature which many users are accustomed to.

All in all SportOn makes a wonderful personalization app for everyone including the highly targeted sports fans from around the world. Its fully functional free model is definitely worth taking a look.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.4

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  1. Sweet, love all the great NHL vidwos. Go Flyers!

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