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Z-Cross Space shooter game review

Ever since the first video gaming console hit the shelves of the toy store in my neighborhood, I have been a great fan of space shooter games alike every other avid gamer. And for the very same reason Z-Cross quite easily caught my attention on the Play Store.

What’s better when you start to play as a hero and the last ray of hope for the good will of galaxy. The game start with a short story an later fire up your space fighter – the “Zodiac Crosser” and get ready to defend the galaxy from the dreadful attacks of evil energies that have invaded the galaxy and are robbing away Z-particles from the Sun which are very essential for sustaining a balance on nearby planets. The Sun needs to get all his Z-particles back or the darkness shall bring the galaxy to doom. Your aim is collect Z-particles in each level and get it back where it belongs. Z-Cross Android Gameplay

Z-Cross brings back the fun of old-school style space shooter with a multitude of challenges and a revamped gaming style that makes it easy to adopt on your android phone. The neon styled space shooter game with its rich and colorful visuals yet simple graphics is very eye catchy during the game despite the unique non-3D environment. The wide variety of enemies and their unique capabilities adds to the freshness of game in each level and as you advance to higher levels in the mission mode you meet skillful enemies and a challenging boss stage where you take a one-on-one battle against the mighty boss to secure neighborhood planets by defeating him.

Z-Cross is not just about the Z-particles but also the X-particles which add new capabilities to your ship with a variety of powerups that boost your efficiency when you want to take over the most aggressive enemies. Though powerups are limited to time, but you they do let you feel like the boss of the vengeance.

Apart from the mission mode the game welcomes you with Survival mode that brings unexpected challenges and series of waves where you defend against the enemy ships for as long as you can to compete for a new highscores on the global scoreboards.

Z-Cross is about fun on the go, whether you feel like flicking your Android phone when are waiting in a long queue or commuting after a hectic day at school or office, Z-Cross can be played from short intervals to hours together in the survival mode. The simple neon styled graphics look very pretty on the phone screen and all together the beautiful visual make the galaxy theme really appealing along with the sound effects and music that go hand in hand with the gameplay. For everything that makes Z-Cross a fun and challenging game, it deserves the reasonable price tag of 99 cents.

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This Android game review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.4

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