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Flashing / Installing Super User on Android Phone

How to install Super User on HTC One X:

Also applicable for other android  devices.

SuperUser, as the name tells is an app that has administrative privileges for granting and blocking other apps to core functions that cannot be accessed otherwise on unrooted devices due to the security of Android OS.

If you want to enjoy all the perks of a rooted device you will need to install a superuser app. The most common, lite and powerful app is the default SuperUser app that comes installed when you root. But you install a different SuperUser app via Play Store or flash the default app if it is missing from the app drawer.

How to flash/install SuperUser on any Android Phone/tablet ?

  • If you have not downloaded the One X root and fastboot tools folder you can download it here
  • Copy the SuperUser.apk file to your Phone via USB
  • Run the file and follow the instructions, this will install the SU (Super User) to your device.
  • Connect to the internet and update the binary by opening the app and navigating to menu.
  • You have the updated version of Super User on your android device


  • Download
  • Copy the zip file to your phone memory (without extracting)
  • Reboot into recovery by pressing POWER+VOLUME DOWN then press VOLUME DOWN to select Recovery mode and press POWER button to enter recovery.
  • If you have ClockWorkMod Touch recovery, tap on “Choose Zip from SDCARD” or if you have non touch recovery client use VOLUME keys to go up and down and POWER button to select/open.
  • Navigate to the location of the file where you dropped file (xx is the version of file)
  • Tap or press POWER to use the zip file for flashing
  • Now confirm with Yes on the next screen.
  • Wait until the process completes and after you see a competition/success message, go back and reboot your device from the recovery menu.
  • You are no more a noob, you have successfully flashed the SU to your HTC One X.
See the full guide on Rooting HTC One X .

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