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How To Flash a Kernel & Modules

Introduction to kernels

Based on your requirements for a better performance, a better battery or for additional tweaks, a custom kernel can be used to enhance the overall performance of the device. Check the compatibility of a kernel with a specific ROM before you flash it to your device. Each kernel needs to be repacked for a specific ROM to utilize all the features that the ROM maker has implemented in it. By using the correct combination of ROM and kernel you can avoid errors like bootloops and malfunctioning of device features. You will additionally need to flash modules for the device by using recovery. Download a Kernel and its modules for your ROM from the list of kernels for HTC One X.

Q: What are repacked Kernels?

A: These kernels have been repacked for specific ROM’s in order to utilize the complete features of the ROM and boost performance of device.

Steps to flash a kernel on android phone:

Steps to flash a kernel are divided into two steps, namely flashing the boot-image file and flashing modules.

Kernel flashing instructions (boot.img):

Flashing or installing a custom kernel on your android phone is generally a two step procedure which requires you to push the boot.img file to your device via fastboot and also flash the modules that make the kernel seamlessly integrate the features in your ROM

Before you proceed download both kernel boot-xyz.img file and file. Place file in your fastboot kit or android SDK(whichever you prefer) while copy the file on your SD card.

Note: Do not reboot the device between flashing boot and modules. You need to flash both files in one go(ie. Before normal reboot) or you may end up in a bootloop.

Step 1: Flash the boot.img file.

The boot.img file is provided by the kernel developer. Follow the same steps used for flashing the boot.img by visiting boot.img flashing instructions page.

The boot file can have a custom name and needs to be noted carefully before flashing. Do not confuse the kernel’s boot image file to the previous file in fastboot kit.

Modules flashing instructions:

Step 2: Flash the modules

The modules are packed in a zip file and need to be flashed via recovery

Steps to flash modules:

  1. If you are not already in recovery and in the bootloader mode, then press VOLUME DOWN to select recovery mode, followed by pressing the POWER button and wait until device reboots.
  2. In the recovery mode, select  install zip from SD” > Choose Zip > Select your modules zip file(after navigating to its location) > Confirm with Yes
  3. Wait until the flashing is complete and a success message is being displayed.
  4. Now you can reboot your device directly from recovery by choosing the reboot device option.

You have successfully flashed your new kernel as well as its modules to experience the new features that come along.

What if your device ends in a boot loop or gets stuck on flash screen(on the brand logo screen).

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