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How to restore a bricked device, stuck on flash screen or in bootloops?

The steps can be used on most android devices including HTC One X.

If your device keeps rebooting (enters a boot loop), hold POWER button and VOLUME DOWN for 10 seconds or until bootloader screen is displayed or simply restart your device in bootloader.

The bootloops could have occurred because you flashed an unsupported kernel, modules. non-compatible mods, did not carry a clean install for new rom, or jumbled up the steps of flashing on your device. You can first try clearing your cache and dalvik cache in recovery mode or perform a factory reset if you are sure that kernel and modules or mods installed were rightly chosen. Then flash the kernel as well as modules once again following STEP 1 & 2 in kernel flashing instructions .

If your device still resists to start normally or gives problems after successful boot, then you can:

  1. Perform a factory reset by going to recovery mode
  2. Then go to “restore & backup” in recovery menu.
  3. Press restore and choose the latest backup, prior to which the device was fully functional.
  4. Confirm and wait until competition.

Device can take 5-10 minutes for the first boot after a restore or when a new ROM is installed, so wait until booting process completes.

Do not install new mods, themes or patches in the sequence after restoring or flashing a new ROM. Let the device complete a full boot before continuing.

See the full guide on Rooting HTC One X.

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