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Rooting, unlocking and flashing HTC ONE X – The Complete Guide

This guide and all the information is for use with International HTC One X only, please do not try using it with AT&T/LTE version

It’s been a few months since the HTC One X made its way to the shelves of the most popular stores in the neighborhood and with the increasing number of device owners week by week, the development community is also gaining some momentum. If you are one of the lucky owners of HTC One X who appreciates HTC’s wonderful engineering but love to mod your device in your way with custom ROMs, kernels, themes and UI overlays, the development community welcomes you with a rich variety of options to match your personalization needs.

Before you get started:

  • Choosing the right combination of features

Before you decide how you would like to personalize your device, read the pre-rooting guide to help you choose between ROM’s, kernels and mods.

This guide will also answer you basic questions like:

  • What is an Android ROM?
  • Which is the best ROM for me?
  • Sense or No-sense?
  • Performance vs reliability and battery life.
  • What is a kernel?
  • Best kernel for HTC One X or any android phone?
  • Customizations and Mods
  • Download ROM

Once you have a clear picture of your requirements, head over to the list of ROMs and download the ROM as a zip file and the boot.img for the corresponding ROM. The boot.img file is required to install a custom ROM on the HTC ONE X which is currently S-ON. S-OFF devices need not require the additional steps of flashing a boot.img file but as S-OFF is yet to be achieved on the HTC One X, it is highly recommended to use a ROM in combination with a boot image file or you may end up in boot loops. You will need HTC device drivers or HTC Sync installed and android SDK with adb and fastboot or use the android fastboot kit which has also the required files you need for this process.

Download a ROM for your HTC One X

  • Download Kernel

Based on your requirements for a better performance, a better battery or for additional tweaks, a custom kernel can be used to enhance the overall performance of the device. Check the compatibility of a kernel with a specific ROM before you flash it to your device. Each kernel needs to be repacked for a specific ROM to utilize all the features that the ROM maker has implemented in it. By using the correct combination of ROM and kernel you can avoid errors like bootloops and malfunctioning of device features. You will additionally need to flash modules for the device by using recovery.

Download Kernel and its modules for the your ROM from the list of kernels for HTC One X.

  • Tweaks, Mods and Fixes

Note: To be installed only after rooting and flashing ROM with boot.img file successfully.

Download tweaks, mods, fixes and patches to be installed/flashed on your phone after Rom installation

  • Themes, Mods and Ports for HTC One X

Download Themesand mods for Sense and No-Sense based ROM’s

  • Tools for HTC One X

Download useful tools for Rooting and Flashing.

Now that you have all the necessary files for Rooting your One X, let’s get started with the rooting of HTC One X. During the process please be careful that you follow the exact steps and if you are unaware of few terms used, please do a casual Google search before proceeding.

Remember rooting and customizing android device is safe and there are millions of rooted android phones running globally but unexpected failure’s do happen as a result of not following the right instruction and compatibility. You are totally responsible for your device and its proper functioning, so play safe and do not continue if you are not sure on what you want.

Continue to the next page to proceed with:

Step One: Rooting HTC One X the easy way

Step Two: Unlock the bootloader on HTC One X

Step Three: Install ClockWorkMod recovery on HTC One X.

Step Four: Install SuperUser on HTC One X

Step Five:  Installing Custom ROM on HTC ONE X

Step Six: Flash the boot.img file on android phone

Additional steps:

Step Seven: Installing a kernel on HTC One X or any android phone

Step Eight: Installing Themes, Mods, Fixes, patches and tweaks on HTC One X

How to’s :

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