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Installing ClockWorkMod Recovery On Your HTC ONE X

How to install (flash) Clock Work Mod recovery on your HTC ONE X

What is ClockWorkMod?

ClockWorkMod recovery is very useful utility used for flashing new ROM’s, mods, creating new backups and restoring them. Apart from this ClockWorkMod recovery provides many other advanced options to mount device partitions, format specific partitions, restore device to factory defaults, partitioning SD card in ext3/4 formats, fixing permissions and everything else you need as a beginner as well as a pro.

ClockworkMod recover Touch is available for HTC One X and can be downloaded from the official website or directly from here.

How to install ClockWorkMod Touch recovery:

What is required before you start?

  • You need to have device drivers installed in order to proceed
  • You will also need to have a rooted device
  • Installation can only be performed on a device with unlocked bootloader
  • Download the ClockWorkMod touch image file on your computer or visit official website for latest recovery of your device(choose GSM version for international One X) and place it in HTC One X root folder with fastboot files.
  • Download HTC One X root Fastboot kit here and extract if not already done.

Installing ClockWorkMod Touch :

  1. Restart in bootloader with USB connected by holding POWER+VOLUME DOWN
  2. Then press power to select Fastboot mode
  3. Open command prompt or terminal and navigate to the One X root folder that has fastboot files.
  4. Type the following command:
    fastboot flash recovery FILE-NAME.img
    example –    fastboot flash recovery recovery-clockwork-touch-
    Change filename if your downloaded file name is different.
  5. Do you see a completed /successful message in command prompt window? If yes, remove your USB and restart device, if not check your drivers, fastboot mode selection, execution path(where the fastboot files and clockwork image file is present) or the connection by typing “fastboot devices” in command window.

You have successfully flashed a touch recovery to your device!!! You are a genius now.

If you are unable to find a superuser app in your all apps/app drawer, then it’s time to flash it manually. To flash a SuperUser app please visit the How to flash/install SuperUser on HTC ONE X page.

See the full guide on Rooting HTC One X.

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