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List of Kernels for HTC One X

The list is meant for use on HTC One X international version only.

List of kernels

Repacked Kernels:

Q: What are repacked Kernels?

A: These kernels have been repacked for specific ROM’s in order to utilize the complete features of the ROM and boost performance of device.

Every ROM developer includes their own tweaks on the Rom and they place this in a folder named Ramdisk which will reside in “boot.img” along with zimage which is the kernel. Repacking is a process of packing the custom kernel(zimage) with the Ramdisk(provided by the Rom chefs), to make it usable and compatible with the Rom. Older devices like the HTC Desire and Galaxy S2 never needed this as they achieved S-OFF and could be directly flashed with zimage from the recovery, but with HTC One X being S-ON we cannot.  But as HTC has changed the way the boot.img file is placed, we can now customize our phone without achieving S-OFF, all its takes is a few extra steps.

When you download a kernel, please also download and flash associated modules that try to completely utilize the features of a kernel.

Finished downloading your Rom specific kernel ? Proceed to “Steps to install a kernel with modules“.

See the full guide on Rooting HTC One X.

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