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Unlock bootloader of HTC One X in 5 minutes

How to unlock the bootloader on HTC One X ?

Now that your device is just a step away from being able to taste new ROMs and customization lets gets started with unlocking the bootloader of HTC One X. HTC has been very generous in helping every user to unlock their bootloader via their site But remember, unlocking your bootloader will void the warranty of your device. It will also reset your ONE X to factory default thus you will lose all your settings and most of the apps on the device.

Before you unlock the bootloader backup your device data manually or place it on internal SD/internal memory. This a safe, secure and most reliable way to unlock bootloader of your One X and 100% risk free. HTC also provides steps to relock the bootloader if you wish to revert back to stock condition of the One X.

Steps to unlock the bootloader on HTC One X:

  1. Visit and register for a free account if you dont already have one.
  2. Login and click the Unlock Bootloader icon.
  3. From the dropdown under supported devices choose HTC One X or All supported device( as HTC One x is currently unavailable in the list but is totally supported).
  4. Now hit the Begin Unlock bootloader button and confirm your action by pressing yes in the pop-up and in the next step agree to the terms (All they say is your warranty is partially or completely void).
  5. Continue the process by clicking Proceed to Step 5 button and then Proceed to Step 8.
  6. Now restart your phone in Bootloader mode. You can do this by holding POWER+VOLUME DOWN button on device.
  7. Select Fastboot USB mode by tapping POWER button after restart.
    Please confirm that you have the drivers installed
    Use the same extracted folder named “One Click Root”, used in rooting procedure or download the fastboot kit from here (PC) or Download this fastboot file for Mac.
  8. Enter the command prompt/terminal on your computer and navigate the extracted folder, then type
    fastboot oem get_identifier_token
  9. See a huge random code on your command prompt? (if not check USB connection or make sure drivers were installed).
  10. Highlight the code by using the right click or menu to mark the code.
  11. Now copy the code that looks like the below code, starting from
    “<<<< Identifier Token Start >>>>
    <<<< Identifier Token End >>>>”
    Copy everything including the Start and end lines.
  12. Paste the copied code to text area in site and click submit, this will display “Token Submitted Successfully” message.
  13. Check your registered email address (wait for a while, refresh twice and check your spam before you get angry) and download the unlock_code.bin file and place it in the same folder where you have extracted the rooting tools.
  14. Type:
    fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin
  15. Check your device for the confirmation, and accept the unlocking process.
  16. Yeppie..!! you have unlocked your bootloader and even closer to your favorite custom ROM.

Visit the next page in order to install ClockworkMod recovery on your device.

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