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3MP Crystal Clear Screen Protector for HTC One X REVIEW

3MP Crystal Clear Screen Protector for HTC One X REVIEW

Crystal clear screen guard top view HDAlmost every smartphone user out there is worried about their large colorful display that makes the most of their phone design. But at times screen protectors can make your screen dull and you may eventually not get best viewing experience out of the same crystal clear amazing screen for which you bought your phone for a whopping 0 or even more.

Well, crystal clear screen protector from 3MP Co Ltd., a professional leading manufacturer of screen protectors is a great way to enjoy your stunning super AMOLEDS and super IPS screens without leaving your screens to dust, fingerprint and scratches.  If you are using any screen protector on your android phone, just try and get rid of it and see the difference from your own eyes. Your screen will not just feel brighter but the colors will be more natural and you will ultimately realize that a screen protector is not worth suppressing the goodness of your screen.from the bottom view

But if you are worried about the safety of your screen and also want to enjoy the same HD experience. Crystal clear screen protector from 3MP comes with an exceptional 97% transparency making your screen look as good as without a screen guard. And this actually makes you feel more closer to the screen.  Another reason is the micro slim profile of screen guards that not just improves the display ability but also keeps screen response very high. despite using a capacitive stylus we could very easily make out the difference between an ordinary screen protector and this one,closer look at menu this one actually did not require a lot of pressure on the screen when using stylus. This is something a lot of gamers who have been playing Draw something or using phone for their drawing and painting hobby know well. But the thin nature of screen guards doesn’t mean the screen protector aren’t tough enough to handle the rough use rather this comes with good anti-scratch properties which can protect your device’s screen against regular wear and tear that can be caused when carelessly drop off your phone, sharing the same pocket of your pant to keep variety of items like earphones, charger or at the worst a bunch of keys. The screen protector can also resist damages when you forget your phone resting over its screen surface and in the meantime your phone keeps vibrating due to an incoming call.

Are you afraid of screen protectors that work as finger print magnets? This one’s really isn’t in the list, and is quite effective in repelling finger dirt.


Why you want to buy Crystal Clear screen protector ?

  1. Best color representation and unnoticeable brightness difference.
  2. Highest transparency in class without any pale texture
  3. Highly responsive even with stylus and very close to non-guarded screen.
  4. Anti-scratch quality
  5. Finger print resistant

Why you may want to consider another screen guard?

If you work in outdoors, directly under sun or in very intensity lights you should get a anti-glare screen guard if reading texts gets unbearably painful.

3MP has a Anti-Glare screen protector too, which we have covered in our next review. Though there are many other alternatives too including Amzer but ofcourse they are nowhere near Crystal clear screen protectors if you need awesome viewing experience.

Crystal clear screen protector technical specifications:

SeriesCrystal Clear
MaterialHigh Quality PET material
Total Thickness0.24mm
UV blockage17%
Use layer thickness0.12mm
Retail packaging contents1 screen protector, 1 opp bag, 1 multi-fibre cleaning cloth, 1 application card
Other advantagesMachine cut, perfect shape, no residue marks on removal
Pricing and purchase
Manufacturer:3MP (HK) Co. Ltd.


Some more screenshots of 3MP’s Crystal clear screen protector:

3MP Co Ltd. android accessory reviews curved screen screen guards screen protectors

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