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HD Anti Glare Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector Review

HD Anti Glare Anti Fingerprint Screen Protector Review

Transparency test on screen protector

Transparency test

A lot of people generally use their smartphones the most when they are away from a computer and want to utilize their free time syncing up with the latest updates on email’s , social networks and with texts but the dirty fingerprint marks and well lit background can be really disappointing at times to even read the name of caller on the screen.

Ant- Glare test on screen protector

Glare test

Well 3MP’s HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector brings in the power of two screen protectors in one. Unlike any other traditional screen guard that is just good enough for either viewing outdoors or avoiding fingerprint marks, 3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector gives you the best of both worlds without sacrificing the HD viewing experience of your amazing display.

The 3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector uses the same slim profile of their Crystal clear screen protector and a high 95% transparency rate that brings it very close to natural viewing experience on a naked screen.

We tested 3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector against a regular screen protector side by side and the difference is easily noticeable when high luminous source of light brings an adverse impact on viewing experience with the use of regular screen guard while the impact is reduced to a fair amount with 3MP’s screen guard. The test also revealed that 3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector repels those ugly fingerprint marks in most cases unless your hands are too dirty to paint your screen.

3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector review:Anti glare anti fingerprint screen protector pictures

Anti-Glare properties: 4.5/5
Anti-Fingerprint properties: 4.5/5
Value for money : 5/5
Overall rating:



3MP’ HD Anti-glare Anti-Fingerprint screen protector is well worth its multiple benefits from the single package which most other screen protectors fail to deliver. And if you are someone who needs a screen protector to withstand tough environmental conditions, then this one is the best bet.

Although if you are look for a screen guard that is the best in just one class, either Anti-glare or Anti-fingerprint, you have a better alternative  as Anti-Glare(only) and Anti-Fingerprint(only) screen protector from many manufacturers including 3MP which will offer the solo benefit at a  lower retail price.

Screen Protector technical specifications:
SeriesHD Anti Glare Anti Fingerprint
MaterialHigh Quality PET material
Total Thickness0.24mm
Use layer thickness0.12mm
AntiscratchYes, 4H
UV blockage25%
Retail packaging contents1 screen protector, 1 opp bag, 1 multi-fibre cleaning cloth, 1 application card
Other advantagesMachine cut, perfect shape, no residue marks on removal
Pricing and purchase
Manufacturer:3MP (HK) Co. Ltd.


Why you want to buy Crystal Clear screen protector ?

  1. Highly Anti Glare and reduces reflection from luminous sources like sun and backgouund lights
  2. High transparency
  3. Impressive touch screen response, pretty much close to bare screen
  4. Anti-scratch quality
  5. Highly Finger print resistant
  6. High quality PET material provides decent screen protection
  7. Dual benefits (AG and AF) with one screen protector

Why you may want to consider another screen guard?

If you want even better viewing angles or want to enjoy your screen with its complete details go for clear type screen guard or simply Anti-fingerprint screen protector.

More pictures:

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