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Games Logo Quiz

Games Logo Quiz

Games Logo Quiz puzzle game review

Some games come out of nowhere, yet become a good companion on short coffee breaks or while digging yourself on your favorite couch. If you are an avid PC or console gamer ever since you were a kid and anticipate to have played more number of games than the academic courses taken by you, you got to take this challenge with Games Logo Quiz. Games Logo Quiz is about knowing how well you remember the tiny bits of the game with the visual analysis of logos, characters, scenes and more.

Games Logo Quiz is quite interesting and addictive quiz game for every gamer who closely follows new game releases, news and actively participates in gamer communities. With Games Logo Quiz you can challenge your gamer reputation and show it to the world with social platforms. While the simple concept of Games Logo Quiz sounds pretty simple, this addictive game can offer you all the frustration of knowing something and, well, not really knowing it at the same time. To help gamers move on in the quiz, the game includes hints in multiple formats including game screenshots, partial answers and even more. But there a catch, the hits cost you the hard earned points or limited hint counts which you receive for each answer.Games Logo Quiz game review

Games Logo Quiz comes with a total of 256 unique quizzes in a very refreshing format. The 8 exciting levels are divided into 32 quizzes each and grouped with advancing difficulty in each new level.  As you start the game you will find a variety of logos laid on the screen. You can start spotting the once you know and type in the right answer using the keyboard but precise spellings and spaces matter. The game provides approximately right, correct and wrong notification that can allow you to retype or correct you mistakes without misleading you. For each right answer you score points and an extra hint is added to your available hints counter. These hints come handy when you get stuck on a quiz that seems to be impossible. You can use three hints at the most for one quiz logo which are available in textual description, fill in the blank and game screenshot format making it convenient yet challenging for anyone who is in desperate need of hints. Choosing the right hints can be really important when you have limited hints available in the game, say you know the name of the game but can’t recall it and at the same time you completely forgot the scenes in the game. For everyone else who has lost all their hints and points, social platform like Twitter and Facebook can be the best way to get the answers to your logo quizzes directly from your friends. This being one of the best features I love to use whenever I am stuck on a logo. By placing the logo as a quiz on a social platform I am also indirectly involving my friends and family in the game and make it exciting for everyone trying to answer it while also testing their knowledge in games.  The game stats are a completely different section from where you can directly share and brag your achievement on Facebook as well as Twitter.

The survival mode, as it speaks about itself is time bound game mode where you come across game characters from a variety of decade old games to the latest hits. The characters are displayed in their most popular poses and you get four options to choose from. Your objective is to get as many answers right as possible in the limited time of 45 seconds. Another challenge in the Survival mode is the negative scoring for wrong answers, tapping on Lara Kraft instead of Lara Croft is again a penalty. The limitation of the fully functional free version can be seen in Survival mode which can be only played once a day but you can upgrade to the Pro version to get unlimited quizzes and yes if you like the game, it’s well worth the $1.99 price tag.

The game logos and characters are nicely crafted to remove names but the UI and elements could be improved on the graphics front.

The simple and straightforward concept of Games Logo Quiz is a wonderful companion in your ideal time or passing on challenges to your friends and making them scratch their heads for something that just slipped out of the mind a minute ago.

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This Android Game Review was performed on HTC Sensation XL running Android 4.0.4 IC Rom

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