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Hello Kitty Coffee

Hello Kitty Coffee

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Many of us enjoy cooking as a hobby and often treat friends and loved with some delicious dishes on a special occasion.  But have you ever wanted to turn your passionate hobby into a full time business, have your own restaurant or a café? Let “Hello Kitty Coffee” android game take your dreams to the next level by providing you a platform to set up your own café and manage it the way you always wanted to.

Hello Kitty Coffee is real time social restaurant simulation game where you take charge as the owner and manager of the café to deal with a variety of challenges In day to day activities right from hiring a master chef or a waiter to creating daily menu and working towards continued development and betterment of the café.

The first level is the beginning of your café with limited resources. As you earn popularity, profits and more customers you can improve your café with money earner in its ambience, quality and variety of beverages and dishes being served.

Hello Kitty Coffee isn’t about putting the pieces of puzzle together in the right way it’s about being more active, effectively utilizing the resources like time, money and labor. You need to frequently monitor your café to  check the kitchen, decide the menu, get ingredients to be able to cook new dishes, keep a track of labor’s and their holiday requirement and there is some much more to do within the café to ensure the smooth functioning being the manager.

To incorporate all the realism in this game, the real time nature of the game plays a very important role. Say for example a dish which takes 1 hour to be prepared in general will actually consume 1 hour in the game to complete and if you leave the dish unattended in game or even shut down the game you will have the counter running. But it gets even difficult when dishes turn to spoil when they are ready but unattended for a specific period; this is another catch which requires you to timely check the kitchen. But the smart notification from the game will remind you if you are missing out on something even when the game is not running.

Sometimes you will see the customers get frustrated and leave when they find no room or due to slow service which can happen during heavy rush hour or due to fewer waiters available in the café. You will have deal with these situations intelligently by increasing the capacity of café, variety of food being served and having a good service.

As you make more beverages and serve more customers you popularity increases and you receive level points that fill the level bar shown on the top of the screen. Once your level bar is full, you get promoted to the next level which unlocks new dishes, beverages and upgrades in the game. Would you want to give you café a pinky theme or wonderful marble flooring, with increasing level you will be able to buy new decoration items, everything else like custom windows, tables and beautiful chairs. The level upgrades also enhance your kitchen handling ability and give you access more number of active blending machines, stoves, ovens and serving counters that allow you to simultaneously cook multiple items bringing a whole lot of options to your daily café menu.  Expand your café, collect rewards for exceptional service, change costumes of your workers and do anything else you can handle. Unavoidably the game needs a lot of interactions and actions as it reaches higher level which may not be the scenario in the initial levels which are pretty much like the tutorial or practice sessions that are easy to handle.  With each level you will earn game coins and some candy that can let you make special dishes in the game. You can also buy the candy with in-app purchases to buy special items in the game that cannot be purchased with game coins. Apart from these you have the hearts which are received every three minutes and are required to earn from alternative sources like tips from happy customers and entertainment or service machines like a lip balm machine, a earing shop and more. You will be able to speed up your game with the watch icon bringing in a speedy cash flow and level progress but its basically a special feature for really impatient gamers or when you want to build a café that’s better than you friends you will need them desperately.

All the fun comes to you with a punch of social gaming. Wouldn’t it be fun to add your friends as neighbor’s in the game, visit their café’s, help them and even look out for random café’s to help out owners in return for exciting rewards? The developer- Gamezen has integrated their own gaming community to help you manage friends, visit their café’s and invite new friends by sharing a simple code by either copying it to send as a text, FB message or directly posting on Google Plus from within the app.

All in all we loved the game, it’s totally bug free despite its relative freshness and the colorful graphics and cute charcters are add to the enjoyment in the game. Though the game’s theme and concept will be more enjoyed by the feminine crowd but at no point did I as a male reviewer lost interest in the game being playing It for over 2 weeks now. The game is absolutely free and there no reason you would need to step back even if you are new to this simulation genre, Hello Kitty Coffee is worth the fun.

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This Android game review was performed on Samsung Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.1

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