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Sweet Garden

Sweet Garden

sweet garden simulation game review

Many pet lovers pamper their pets, talk to them and give them the attention they need but have you ever done the same with your cute little plants? Sweet Garden is a real time garden simulation game for android that takes you in the backyard of the house to enjoy gardening right from your android phone. Paint your imaginations in this virtual garden, everything you have always wanted to do in your garden but couldn’t afford due to lack of open space or time. The beautiful journey from a small radicle to a fully mature plant with a touch of realism is now all yours in this Sweet garden.

sweet garden real time gardening game review

The game starts as you plant your first PPU – that’s how your plant gets a name from the very beginning or you can think of a unique name for it just like your pet cat or little fishes in the aquarium have. The game brings a completely new concept to life which goes very well with the theme of the game too. To plant a PPU you need a live environment and on your android phone it’s your homescreen where your plants lifecycle starts as an active widget. From your homescreen you can observe your plants expression with animation and growth. You are the care taker of your plant from now and will have to provide everything it needs for its development, right from the most essential resources like water and sunlight to other necessities like prevention from pests, hygiene, and any other weeds near it which could steal its nutrition.

Your plant doesn’t talk to you but by looking it its lively expressions and taking a look over health & statistics you will be able to better understand its requirements for healthy growth. The main statistics are available as meters on the game screen while even more details are available in the conditions chart which also provides the availability of resources with visual meters.

PPU statistics

You plant feels happier when taken good care of but also falls sick when neglected for resources or gets prone to pests. By making use of supplements and fertilizer, and eventually keeping your plant happy by filling the affection bar you can boost the development of the plant and also receive silver and golden seeds when you complete these simple tasks with additional combos. Seeds are useful to trade for new commodities like pesticides, fertilizers, supplements and adding some music to make your plant happier. Scientists have proved extensive research’s that plant react to music, test it out in the game with a variety of music tracks that make your little PPU smile. The limited seeds are not easy to earn and when ineffectively used may hamper the progress your little friend. But if you are too impatient to handle the real time progress you can also buy additional commodities which come for the price of seeds available with in-app purchase.  The game has 12 different types of PPU’s which will be planted randomly when you choose to plant a new PPU each time.  The game comes with 4 unique locations namely Field, Desert, Winter and Fantasy which offer unique challenges based on environmental changes and in 5 levels under each location.

Growing PPU with seeds generation

Your progress is based on growth of PPU and once achieved you get advanced to higher levels where you can plant more PPU’s by adding widget’s to homescreen. The widgets are available in 2 sizes- 1×1 for gamers who wish to save their homescreen estate and 2×2 so that you get a more detailed view of the plant right from the widget.  The widget will can show you insects wandering over your plant, weeds growing near it or even depleted status of resources with the assistance of default android notification bar where you will see updates for ever change and these notification can also be turned off to conserve space in the notifications drawer.

The game is very wealthy in its features and moreover the overall visual presentation is really appealing. The cute expressions and highly detailed realism gives a feel of a real garden where you would want to visit more frequently to see your plant, pamper it and check its health. The controls are slick and actions like directly touching the PPU, pampering it by sliding your finger over it, killing naught pests, watering the plant are assisted by vibration and audio feedback that’s makes the interactions with the game feel more lively.

Unbelievably, there’s much more to do with every free moment in the game. The game comes with a couple of mini games, one being the Minigame mole that makes you test your fast reflexes to the catch the naughty moles trying to peek out of the ground. The different type of moles need to be hit with different tapping schemes, which is way to simple to learn but pretty challenging to master in a fast paced game environment.  Similarly there are other mini games that unlock after you reach a specific level/location in the game. The developer continued efforts will bring even more mini games and features to the app in future which will allow you to stay in the garden yet enjoy your time with mini games.

The game is fully features and ad-supported but you can get rid of the naughty ads with a small upgrade fee or enjoy the unique advertisement delivered in the completely free game.

The developer says to keep it exclusive on the android platform which is really encouraging for android fans to take a look at this amazing game irrespective of the marketing perspective behind it. All put together, this unique concept of this widget driven game is worth the enjoyment that is brought two steps closer to the reality in Sweet Garden.  For everyone who enjoyed their favorite pastime or an unfulfilled desire of gardening, Sweet garden is a perfect game that delivers unmatched fun and excitement with loads of variations as a part of its real time simulation strategies right on your homescreen.

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This Android game review was performed on HTC One X running Android 4.0.4

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