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PrintJinni android app review

Having a couple of important documents on your android phone that need to be printed immediately or be sent to someone as a hard copy is yet another challenge many professionals and businesses face each day. It may not be the best idea to rush over to the nearest computer or printer to give a print over WiFi or if you don’t have a really hi end printer you may end up connecting your phone to a computer to copy the necessary files through USB or even worse, ejecting your memory card to use the printer’s inbuilt memory card slot. We’ll it may not be really worth spending your time and efforts configuring a networked printer which could be outdated on technology front or even frustrating “Incompatible”. I remember an old friend who had spent weeks to get his old printer configured with his iPad but no luck. If you are willing to leave behind all the complications and move on to an easier and friendlier way of printing, PrintJinni is absolutely what you need. With the integration of Google Cloud Print and native sharing support on Android phones, PrintJinni makes sharing, printing and managing your printing tasks a snap.

A simple initial configuration requires you to register your email address with PrintJinni and receive a PIN code over your email to activate all the features of the app. You can then authorize Google’s Cloud Print service, add social network including Google Plus, Picasa and Flickr for printing your photos directly from social networks to your printer. The simple one time configuration is really worth the convenience you will enjoy each day in your busy life with wireless printing from anywhere and to anywhere.PrintJinni wireless printing app for android

PrintJinni can find printers on its own Cloud Print service as well as on Google Cloud Print. Once you have document that needs to printed, all you need to do is simply use the default sharing options on your android device and choose Print your documents and pictures with PrintJinni. This will generate a preview of your document and when you tap print, you can choose from a list of all available printers or add a printer manually. Moreover PrintJinni allows you choose you the paper size, number of copies to print, color type and, color range and even duplex printing just as you could do it on a computer.

Despite the wonderful service PrintJinni has to offer we would like to enjoy new compatible formats as an improvement in the upcoming update that adds support for new file and image formats to enhance the friendly printing experience.

All in all PrintJinni is a wonderful utility for wireless and cloud based printing on the go. No more hassles of complex network configuration or incompatible printers that make printing an unfriendly experience when using your android phone. PrintJinni is a subscription based service but the fully functional app is available for first free month with PrintJinni’s printing services, and 3 months of free Google Cloud Print integration which is good enough to explore the full potential of the app before signing into a monthly or yearly subscription. Your search for a one in all powerful wireless printing solution comes to a halt with PrintJinni for android.

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This android app review was performed on HTC Sensation XL running Android 4.0.3

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