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Store Hours

Store Hours app reviewAt some point in life we have all had bad experiences of driving to a store miles away from home and ultimately finding it closed by the time we are there.  Planning ahead is the best way to avoid this but it’s a fact that emergencies are unavoidable. Do you want to know if the pharmacy is open or get some food from a restaurant for unexpected guests that have just arrived on the airport. Store Hours for android can help you locate stores by type and locality with ease and flexibility.

Store Hours is an online service now available as an android app that allows users to access the huge database of store timings based on commodity or type of store.  Moreover Store Hours makes the task really simple by picking up geo-locations that allows a user to get to the nearest store in its open hours.

Say you are looking for a drug store in your neighborhood and would not just like to know the odds of it being open but also would like to confirm if it sells the medicine prescribed by your doctor, then you can use the contact telephone and website that is included in details of every listing along with the store timings for individual days of the week.  The best part about knowing store timings is that they are displayed in countdown format so reading and understanding timings is not much of a math. For a store that is open you can see “open for HH.MM more hours” and for closed store you will see “Opens in HH:MM hours”, along with the times you can also see the exact distance from you current location. Altogether these details help you quickly and effectively estimate the time of journey that can be useful when the store is about to close in a few minutes.  If you frequently buy a product and generally find yourself banging on the closed doors,  save your search results as favorites and you can quickly find the an open store just by using the favorites list.Store Hours app review

Does the location sound confusing? Store hours offers a map view of the store to help you easily get there when you need it the most.  You can use the app even faster by using the GPS which will automatically pick your location to display nearby stores.

We did try the web version of the app too and the only thing we found lacking in the android app is the search query prediction. So users may not be able to get a list of pharmacy related keyword when are in process of typing “pharm…” but it’s not a deal beaker unless you are poor at typing English words.

We loved the concept behind Store Hours. Locating stores, their timings and getting there on time is all what the app aims to do which it does in a fair way you expect it to.  The interface is quite simple to understand and use, though it is not as cool as many other shopping related apps offer but if you don’t want to get back home disappointed try Store Hours.

Store Hours is absolutely free for android, alternatively you can check the mobile version of their website from to experience the same powerful search functionality.

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This Android app review was performed on Samsung Galaxy S II running Android 4.0.4

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