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3MP’s Anti-Glare screen protector REVIEW

3MP’s Anti-Glare screen protector REVIEW

Does your smartphone work as a mirror in outdoor conditions? Do you find it really difficult to read email, text and even worse read the name of a caller standing directly under the sun? If you answered atleast one of these as yes, it probably time to think about preventing your screen from playing these naught games with you.

Anti-Glare screen guards are the best bet if you are dealing with viewing problems in outdoor  conditions or under strong source of lights. We recently reviewed 3MP’s HD Anti glare Anti-finger print screen guard which did most of what we expected out of it but if you are looking to go beyond the barriers and improve your viewing experience under luminous sources of light, 3MP corporations Anti-Glare screen guard is especially for you.

Starting off with the application of product, which isn’t at all clumsy and you will get it right just with all the application tools and simple instructions included in the retail packaging. The first time you reveal the screen protector you will find it comparatively dull when compared to Crystal clear and HD Anti glare Anti fingerprint screen protectors but take it under the direct sun and you will clearly notice the difference. The texts on screen no more require you to tilt the device away from light source or the sky when reading. The anti-glare properties are comparable to many well-known and branded screen protectors but 3MP’s use of highly transparent material makes them a little clearer and responsive even when using a capacitive stylus.  The capacitive stylus test is conducted by approximating the pressure required for it to work on the same device’s screen under same conditions.


Why you should buy Anti-Glare screen protector ?

  1. Good color representation and minimal brightness difference.
  2. Highest transparency in class without any pale texture
  3. Highly responsive even with stylus and very close to non-guarded screen.
  4. Anti-scratch qualities
  5. Good at finger print reduction

Why you may want to consider another screen guard?

If you want more from your HD screen, want even better color and brightness representation with a little sacrifice of Anti-glare properties, HD Anti glare Anti fingerprint screen protector would be a superior solution or the crystal clear screen protector (without Anti-Glare properties) for best indoor and satisfactory outdoor performance.

MaterialHigh Quality PET material
Total Thickness0.24mm
Use layer thickness0.12mm
AntiscratchYes, 4H
UV blockage20%
Retail packaging contents1 screen protector, 1 opp bag, 1 multi-fibre cleaning cloth, 1 application card
Other advantagesMachine cut, perfect shape, no residue marks on removal
Pricing and purchase
Manufacturer:3MP (HK) Co. Ltd.

Some more screenshots of 3MP’s Anti-Glare screen protector:


The right viewing angles, high anti reflection and very responsive screen is all you get from it for small price of the product.

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