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4-way Privacy Screen Protector REVIEW

4-way Privacy Screen Protector REVIEW

Screen in ON but invisible from an angle

Screen in ON but looks OFF when viewed at an angle.

Now that you bought a sparkling new phone with the best screen in market claiming to have ~180` viewing angle, but that what makes you worried when reading and replying to private texts, viewing pictures or watching a video in public places, when you are with your colleagues or even worse your boss sitting next to you just because the display is too good to be viewable from all the four sides and angles. The amazing functionality of 180` viewing angles found in IPS and Super LCD displays is an innovation for bigger screens like televisions and monitors but do you really find it useless on your large beautiful display of your smartphone. 3MP’s 4 Way Privacy screen protector makes your life easier in public and professional places. No more will you need to twist and turn your screen away from people who intentionally or unintentionally get a view of something that strictly private in your life.

The screen reflection shows it all when screen is ON and at an angle

The screen reflection shows it all when screen is ON and at an angle

3MP’s 4 Way Privacy screen protector is a really unique product especially designed for smartphones.

Direct view reveals the exact picture of screen.

Direct view reveals the exact picture of screen.

The first impressions of the screen protector portrait it as notably thick and dark which is exactly how privacy screen protectors always look and feel, if you have used one for your laptop you very well know how these work. Privacy screen protectors don’t block or darken the display rather reduce the viewing angle of screen by a fair amount to make it viewable for only the person looking directly into the screen while making it completely dark for anyone viewing the same screen from an unacceptable angle. 3MP’s 4 Way Privacy screen protector does it in a really wonderful way, where a stranger starting just next to you will also not be able to see your screen unless he comes in the line of sight and you bang him for doing the notorious act.

As for the technical specifications and viewing experience, the useful feature of 4 Way Privacy guard comes with the sacrifice of transparency levels which means that you will not be able to enjoy the same amazing viewing experience you have seen on crystal clear screen guards or other screen guards. But every wonderful feature has its own pros and cons and this is it. The 4 Way Privacy guard is also highly anti-reflective and anti-fingerprint at the same time which makes it a good deal with three features in one for the higher price you pay to get the screen guard with a high grade material.

Why you want to buy 4-way Privacy screen protector ?

  1. Best in class privacy and viewing angle reduction.
  2. Wonderful responsiveness with uncovered fingers and fair performance with stylus.
  3. Anti-Glare property is as good as any other anti-glare screen guard
  4. Anti-scratch quality and higher thickness that offers better protection for screen.
  5. Finger print resistance is pretty amazing another bonus to its regular properties

Why you may want to consider another screen guard?


If you want a privacy protector, there absolutely no reason you will need to look for alternatives in the market. 3MP’s 4 Way Privacy screen protectors are one of the very few unique screen protectors with privacy function available in the market bundled with multiple qualities like Anti-Glare, anti-fingerprint and anti-scratch qualities in one.


Series4-way Privacy
MaterialHigh Quality imported PET material
Total Thickness0.47mm
Use layer thickness0.12mm
AntiscratchYes, 4H
UV blockage73%
Retail packaging contents1 screen protector, 1 opp bag, 1 multi-fibre cleaning cloth, 1 application card
Other advantagesMachine cut, perfect shape, no residue marks on removal
Pricing and purchase
Manufacturer:3MP (HK) Co. Ltd.

Some more screenshots of 3MP’s 4-way Privacy screen protector:

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