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Battery Saver Android FREE

Battery Saver Android FREE

battery saver android free app review

Now that you bought a muticored beast with a huge display that puts your friends phones at shame as you brag about the best features of your phone, one thing that haunts you every time you are away from a power source is your battery life. Fortunately the Play store is no short of battery saving apps for android phones and tablets but the right combination of features and tools can help you quickly optimize usage of your device and will fetch good results in day to day usage of you android phone. Battery Saver from developer Fast & Smooth is a easy to use battery saving app that can help you understand and improve your battery life with simple and efficient tools.battery saver android free app review

Launch the app and you will come across a tabbed interface where the home-tab presents you with battery stats like percentage (which a lot of android phones tend to miss) and visual battery level indicator. The main screen also shows remaining time until battery drains completely for different types of usages like standby, talk time, web browsing, processor intensive games, music, movie playback and even reading books. These figures are dynamic because they change with the usage of your device and provide an approximate estimation to know the remaining time in minutes as well as display the time based on you local time until which a specific service can be run continuously to drain the battery completely. You can optionally choose the details to be shown on the home screen making it cleaner and more personalized. This is a very useful feature of the app that can help you make efficient use your battery and plan ahead for top-ups and restricting use of functions, instead of falling short of battery when you may need it the most.

Though a lot of phones have their own battery status notification, be it an LED, a dialogue or a toast notification, you may be unable to notice charge competition without going near the phone and unlocking it sometimes. But Battery Saver bypasses the restrictions by having a sound alert system that prevents battery overcharging thus keeping your battery in a healthy state, improving its overall life further. The Alarm section can alert you for a specific battery level, say when 70% of charging is accomplished or when the battery is fully charged or even when your battery levels fall below a certain range. You can customize the sound to be used as alarm from default android tones or from your music library.

Coming to the main and the most important section of the app that allows you to optimize battery usage with one tap, the big optimize button regulates the memory usage by clearing it and ultimately freeing up resources that are one of the main reasons for excessive battery consumption. An analogue meter shows the memory usage on it along with a “memory optimization level for battery life” and some technical details that can be viewed optionally. An android robots hovers over the meter while the optimization process is underway showing the loading/under process animation in a very creative way.

The settings tab includes a way to toggle power hungry services of your device including Bluetooth, WiFi, GPS, Auto-rotation, Auto-Sync, and brightness. This way Battery Saver gives you ability to control your device options from one place without installing multiple widgets on screen or navigating to multiple settings on android.

Believe it or not, the more the number of apps on your device the battery savvy it gets. Due to a variety y of background process run by apps and functions that consume more resources, the CPU stays under high load and thus consumes more battery that you can even imagine. Uninstalling apps that are no more required is good way to control the battery usage, but when you have a huge collection of apps, finding, selecting and uninstalling apps individually is a big pain. Battery Saver includes a faster way that removes apps with the default android installer making app removals clean at the same time easier and faster. All you need to do is select the apps and press uninstall, and keep tapping your thumb over the uninstall button over and over again until the list of marked apps are removed one by one. Yes, its not a fully automated uninstallation process but its definitely better the regular way and especially when uninstalling multiple apps together.

Everything about the app from its quick navigation tabs to simplicity in its usage is worth going for it. Ask us one feature we would be expecting with the next upgrade of the app and shall say – widgets, which will improve the overall convenience of app with the optimize button sticking right to your homescreen.

As we said earlier Battery Saver is not a very unique app, but with the right combination of tools in this app your phone can go on for a few more hours and save you from unexpected shut downs in the very middle of an important call or during navigating back to your home. And if you are one who uses different apps for all the tasks Battery Saver does, it’s a healthier alternative to have as a single app that does it all without overloading your processor and drawing extra battery juice.

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This Android app review was performed on HTC One S running Android 4.0.3

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